I am woman, hear me roar


And by roar, I mean curse. During Greta's nap today, I did many things. I did some dishes, cleaned the cat litter, made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, made a couple lists in preparation for Greta's birthday festivities, put together the gift bags for the favors for Greta's party and for her school mates, cleaned the freezer, took our the recycling and garbage, and, lastly, dug myself a very, very deep hole. Yeah, I don't know what makes me do the things I do, but those of you who know me well know it's not at all surprising that I decided to start a fairly massive home improvement project on a Sunday evening less than a week before 20 or so of our closest friends and family are coming over....awesome.

 Some genius (not us) decided to paint our main stairs with some kind of crappy white paint and get some grey carpet samples that kind of matched each other but really didn't match any of the rest of the decor. Being in a high-traffic area and all, the paint is all chipped and scuffed up, and it has always driven me nuts. I have been waiting to find the perfect carpet runner solution, and today I realized that the perfect carpet runner solution may never materialize. I decided to sort of wing it and at least get the old carpet off, fill and sand as best as possible, and apply a paint that is at least meant for floors.

 I took off all of the carpet and got all of the nails out so far, and then I realized we're pretty much doomed. They wood is in terrible shape, and because doing it properly would cost way too much money, we are going to half-ass it as best as possible. We're gonna need a lot of wood filler. *Sigh.*

 Whaaaa. Why do I do these things?

 Here is how they looked before. It definitely looked worse in person (especially the grey with our light brown walls).

our ugly stairs (before)

Here is a close-up sans carpet. I am annoyed that I am going to have to prime too. Q: Who paints stairs like that?? A: Someone who is either a) lazy b) cheap c) short-sighted d) all of the above. I'm gonna go with D.

Our ugly stairs (during)

Aaaand, we're doomed.

The reason why we're doomed.

What else? Friday Greta's day care was closed because the teachers had some sort of training, and my mom was nice enough to come to town to watch Greta for the day. They went to the playground near our house and stayed there for two hours. TWO HOURS. Since hanging out with my mom for the day, Greta has said to me a couple times, "You're kinda like Grandma Norma." And I have replied, "Yes, I know this. She is my mom, after all." I am pretty used to Pat telling me this, but it is new (and pretty darned funny) coming from Greta.

 Saturday we hung out at Mike, Christy, and Colin's in the evening. Christy made the most unbelievable shepherd's pie and other fixin's, and then we retired to their finished basement to play Rock Band. It was my first time playing it (I know, I know, I live under a rock [band]), and holy heck it was fun. I think I forgot to blink the entire time. Heaven forbid I miss a note due to completely unnecessary blinking.

Oh, we also did some more house hunting this weekend. That probably deserves its own post, and the stairs are calling, so stayed tuned for more.

 PS - I hate daylight savings.



#1 G's nap length

Megan - She usually takes a two-hour nap in the afternoon. Sometimes it's shorter, sometimes it's longer. That day I think it was about two hours on the dot. I remember when she was younger I would seem to accomplish almost nothing during the naps, but now I'm super multi-tasker girl!

#2 I would like to know how long

I would like to know how long does Greta sleep that you can get all that done? I am sure that you will figure out some wonderful solution to the problem. I wish I would have known you were thinking of doing this because I would have warned you what a PITA stairs are to sand. I tried and failed once. I will now hire a professional if I want anything done with stairs and sanding.

#3 hmm

Sarah - Thanks so much for the painting advice! The guy at Home Depot showed us which floor paint had a built-in primer and which didn't. The one that didn't allowed us more flexibility for colors, and I didn't think I'd need the primer (because who freaking paints only part of the stairs?), so I got one that doesn't have the built-in primer. D'oh. And since we need to basically paint in the next three days (primer one day, first coat the next day, and second coat the third day), we kind of need to do it, um, starting today. Instead of "nice day" how about "cold, crappy night"? Oy.

#4 Painting

Most floor paint has primer built in so that will save you a step! Make sure you do it on a nice day so you can open the windows, that stuff really stinks!

#5 Taryn - Well, Oliver will be

Taryn - Well, Oliver will be out of his super danger prone phase before you know it, but I appreciate the fact that you're being all safety first and whatnot. You guys have great stairs (I notice these things), and I would be reluctant to add a runner. You guys have multiple 90 degree angles, which makes things tough to do on your own. I would just try to keep the kiddo off the stais w/out adult supervision, but that's just me.

Frankie - Okay, hopefully it won't be an issue by Saturday. At least now we've got the cracks filled it so at least he won't fall through one of those!


YOU HAD ME CRACKING UP WITH YOUR RESPONSE! Can't wait to hang with the Reed's on Saturday. Nathan was instructed to SPECIFICALLY play on the stairs. He's learning young the benefits of lawsuits!

#7 We were considering

We were considering undertaking a similar project, mostly because all Oliver wants to do is crawl up and down the stairs all day long and we're worried he's going to crack his skull on the bare hardwood stairs. Installing a stair runner isn't supposed to be hard, but I'm worried I'll just ruin the stairs and get super frustrated

#8 Amber - It's amazing how much

Amber - It's amazing how much work home improvement projects can turn into! When we first moved in I was so annoyed with all of the obvious shortcuts people who lived there before it took (painting over wallpaper, rigging light fixtures in the more ridiculous fashion, having half of the wood stripped and stained and half painted), but then I kind of realized why. It's hard work to do something right! Especially if people before you have half-assed it. I think that if we just filled in some holes and cracks, sanded, and painted the stairs they wouldn't end up looking very nice, but it motivated Pat to look up how to do runners (we have two 90 degree angles on the stairs, which obviously makes things tricky), and now we're jazzed up to do that ourselves.

Mary - Keep hanging out with me and I will teach you how to multitask like a maniac! ;-)

#9 I'm in Awe


I can't believe you accomplished all that stuff and still had time to write about it. Gee, it's been three weeks since I've posted on my blog and I've not made a home cooked meal the entire time.

Anyway, home buyers are picky, picky, picky this year but you have a nice home and it should do okay.


p.s. I agree with you re: day light savings time. Let's leave the clocks alone and figure out another way to remember to change the battery in our smoke detectors.

#10 stairs

When we first moved into our house, I thought I would try stripping the wood chair railing of the existing paint to be able to stain the wood...they are now a lovely shade of painted brown...ridiculous hard work so gave up on that. However, I think your new project is totally doable. I am being your cheerleader over here in NC!

#11 It had to be done

V - It really had to be done, staying or not. Okay, maybe it's because Pat and I are anal, but it will bring us enjoyment in the (hopefully short-ish) time we'll be here. Good luck with the 417 things. I hear ya, man.

#12 Why are you doing this to the

Why are you doing this to the stairs when you will be selling the house? Did your realtor tell you that this would increase the value of your home for potential buyers? Just curious. We just found out that we will be living in our humble abode for at least another 4 years. So now I HAVE to do the stairs, along with 417 other projects I have been putting off. The biggest problem is is that I am lazy, cheap & short-sighted as well. I wish you well on your project.

#13 Frankie...

Maybe that would fly at Racquet Club but not Casa de Reed. Either way, word to the wise - keep your boy away from the stairs on Saturday or he might get some nasty splinters. ;-)

#14 Tarp It!

Throw a nice green tarp over the damn thing! I believe that will do the trick! Frank

#15 Don't change a thing?

Amanda - Are you saying we should leave it as is? Most people are too oblivious to notice, and for those who do it's a good conversation piece. Right? Riiight??

#16 Stairs?

Barely noticeable...I promise.