Holy crap, it's almost 2009!

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I was recently thinking of what my resolution for 2009 should be, and I thought, I should make my 2009 resolution be that I don't get so stressed out over stuff I can't control (secondarily making me a nicer person), but then I realized that was my resolution last year. And probably the year before too. Damn it. It always works for a while, but why can't I make it stick?

you probably won't fufill your resolution

(I love someecards; they always know just the thing to say.)

So what's your resolution? Maybe it will give me an idea for something I might actually be able to attain.

If you don't have a resolution, then just tell me what you're doing for New Years.

And if you don't want me to know what you're doing for New Years, then perhaps you could tell me a entertaining story about an embarrassing thing a friend of yours ever did.

Be safe.



#1 i resolve to consume at least

i resolve to consume at least one Franimal-kazie in 2009.

#2 and sorry I stole your idea

and sorry I stole your idea to post a someecard on my blog-I had to do it-they are too funny:-)

#3 Happy New Year! #1: Finish my

Happy New Year!
#1: Finish my business degree by end of June.
#2: Get made permanent in my current temp role by end of February.
#3: Go to yoga at least 3x a week on average.

But they're not really New Year's Resolutions, just ongoing goals. It's already 1 January here, and I am spending the day working on an assignment, so blazing through my list so far.

#4 Resolutions are lame. Love

Resolutions are lame.

Love the card!


I think that's the best card I've seen in awhile..Happy New Year Reeds!


I don't usually make NY resolutions because I feel like it it's something you really want to do...why wait until January? But I'm making an exception this year and my resolution is to start running again. And not just because someone is chasing me...


I haven't come up with a good resolution for myself, except gain a bunch of weight and have a baby some tine around June. I think that's one I can stick to.

Michael and I made a resolution for Colin though, and he's already pulled it off and it's not even 2009 yet! Relinquish the nuk at its final hold-out, nap- and bed-time. We're 4 days in, and he doesn't even ask for it anymore. Yay! Does this mean we have to come up with another one for him for 2009?


O!M!G! If I ever did that I would need to commit hara-kiri. Seriously. OMG.

Instead of the Tell-Tale Heart, your friend's story could be either the Tell-Tale Sh1t Stain or the Tell-Tale Booty.


A friend of mine once sharted in a co-workers car while car pooling to work. The liquidy substance soaked through his shorts and left a brown stain on the passenger side seat. Like an idiot, he told her what happened (2 hours after arriving to work, and her making no mention of the stain), and cleaned the stain off for her. Needless to say, he never car pooled with that young lady again.