Christmas a-go-go

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Wow. I just had a hard time remembering the login info for our admin page to post this here update, which means I am a little out of sorts from traveling, lack of sleep, and excessive food and beverage. I will attempt to dust my brain off to recall our Christmas events, and the large number of pictures we took should help.

Wednesday we headed out to the Bing Hamptons. Greta was thrilled to see her Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Dick, and she seemed quite smitten with her Uncle Eric as well. We built a gingerbread tree before dinner.

Here is a level of concentration in a two year old that is rarely seen and even more rarely documented.

Greta making a ginger bread tree

After a lasagna dinner, where Greta proclaimed numerous times that "Grandma Kaffey makes the best pasta," we had our traditional gifting of dollar store presents.

Grandpa Dick proudly displays his new bling.

Dick Reed Christmas 2008

And Grandma Kathy received a new necklace as well: a shot glass that said, "Bachelorette on the loose" and a whistle that said, "Hottie whistle." Classic.

Kathy Reed - Christmas 2008

Christmas morning Greta opened presents at the speed of a turtle. She had to play with each toy after she opened a new one. Cinderella was a common theme.

Greta with Cinderella

Uncle Eric had to work on Christmas, so we made a visit to the fire station where he was working, and he gave us a nice tour.



Eric, Pat, and Greta on a fire truck

The day after Christmas we headed back to the ROC for the night.

The following day we headed to Skaneateles to have our McCarthy family Christmas. The present opening went no faster there, so it took quite a while, but we all got some very nice gifts.

Here is Greta Bean and her Grandma Norma.

Greta with Grandma Norma

One of Greta's favorite gifts was a trunk of dress-up clothes. She tried on almost everything in the trunk.

Greta - Christmas 2008

Even Uncle Phil tried on a fuzzy headband, to join in on the fun.

Uncle Phil - Christmas 2008

It was a very musical Christmas. Between us and family members, Greta received the following: a drum set, a keyboard, a toy guitar, a toy organ, and three (count 'em, three) kazoos. Here she is tickling the ivories.

Greta - Christmas 2008

At a few points in the day Greta decided she was a cat.

Greta - Christmas 2008

After all of that opening, Greta needed a nap.

Greta - Christmas 2008

Over the span of the last five days, we've also seen a lot of good friends and we stayed up way past our bedtimes three of those nights. I am very tired and almost looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!

Pat and Greta are off this week, and they will be doing some fun daddy-daughter things.

Oh, and those of you who noticed, we haven't sent our holiday cards out yet. For the first year ever, we decided to have cards professionally made, and even though they ordered them in early December and they shipped on December 15th, we just received them via the good old USPS yesterday. They will be going out in the mail tomorrow. They weren't even sent out on time to kick off Kwanzaa. Sigh.

We hope you all had a very salubrious Christmas!




AW I love her little bed with her name on the blanket. How cute!

I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.


The USPS sucks! I hate them with all my heart and soul. (At least the human resourses dept. in Syracuse, anyway).

Also, I love the fact that Greta opens her presents one at a time and played with each one. That's what I used to do as a kid, and it made Christmas last all day! She's a smart one you got there ;-).


Wow! Too much! Thanks for the pix and narrative of Christmas Just Past!