Deck the halls, we won a present. Fa la la la la, la la la la!

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I am getting less and less believable when I say, “I never win anything,” after I won this in a drawing at Parkleigh, (and this for those of you who remember when I won the title prom queen at a prom-theme party when I was pregnant [it was a drawing, not a popular vote]), and now I’ve we’ve gone and won something else!

Our realtor, Mary Shelsby, just had a contest for anyone who wanted to participate. (All of a sudden I am feeing remiss that I didn’t post about it here because it was open to anyone, but I wanted to win the prize, silly!) Anyway, we sent Mary a photo of our home decorated for the holidays, and she drew a name a random, and I found out last night that we won a $50 gift certificate to our favorite restaurant! She has a really nice write-up and pictures posted here at I’m so excited!

We’ve been in our house for four and a half years now, and even though the house and I have had our differences, I am fond of it. After winning last night, I started thinking about our home-searching process and how stressful it was but now nice it was to have a person like Mary helping us.

Pat claims my top-five craziest times have been the following (in chronological order):

  • Pre engagement
  • Searching for a home
  • Pre pregnancy
  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum

During one of my top-five craziest times, I was, well, pretty crazy. (I posted this during that time, for example.) Couple that with the fact that, at 6’3”, Pat is practically a giant, and we were looking at homes that were mostly built in the early 1900s. We would go into an otherwise great house, and Pat would be all, “I can’t stand up in the bathroom,” for example. I’m 5’3”, and I think Mary is even shorter than I am, and I would look at Pat like, Can’t you learn to slouch? Didn’t you see the French doors and gumwood trim?? Anyway, Pat and I were probably less than easy for a realtor to deal with, but Mary was so great, and we finally found our house!

I just wanted to share my excitement and reminisce a little. Today is Friday observed for me! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, where applicable. Safe travels!



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Congrats!! and Merry Christmas too!


Merry christmas to you guys!


Merry Christmas! And congratulations on winning the contest. I am a serial non-winner, I'm afraid.

I took all of about ten minutes to buy my house, so the realtor and I never really got close. But I still think fondly of her.


Found myself thinking about you the other day and hoping you and your family have very happy holidays!


Congratulations on winning! The picture is really a striking view of the house and its people. Very cool! Merry Christmas and enjoy that time off!


Thank you. Thank you for bringing a little amusement to my day.


Wow, you are (Rochester) famous! Congrats on winning, that really is a lovely photo.

Also, yay for Friday observed! I am so done with this place of work. Hope to see you soon!


I LOVED the "Screw U Schaffers" post. It was a side of Fran I enjoyed reading about. Remember back in 2001 I got fired from by job, and when I found out who was responsible, I was going to "ruin her wedding" she had coming up the following month. I had a plan, then after talking to you, you said, "No matter what this woman has done to you, she has been dreaming of her wedding since the day she could pretend to walk down the isle when she was a little girl. To ruin her wedding would be petty and self-indulgent".

I dropped my plans after speaking with you.

You and you alone saved that bitch's wedding. I only wish I was there to speak to you when the Schaffer incident rose it's ugly head.