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The final is done! I rocked it. I felt so liberated when I was done. When I was driving back from class, I listened to Howard instead of the annoying audio CDs for my class (which are just some narrator reading thousands of definitions from the book) and I felt NO GUILT when I did this. Ahhhhhh.

I would love to celebrate tonight, but I am exhausted and there are bigger fish to fry (holiday cards, wrapping, *ehem* work, a bunch of things I've been putting off). I have been fending off an illness, and now that I've turned in my Scantron sheet and retired my #2 pencil, I know it is going to finally rear its ugly head. Merry Christmas to me.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas this year is an Airborne and a nap.




Kensey - I got part 1 (the gift from Happy Owl Glass) - Thank you! I love it! (Yeah, I opened my gift already. You know I hate suspense.) Part 2 must be en route. That is unlike me to have your gift out on time and one of yours be late...the tides are turning! (Not likely.)


It's really gross. You gotta power through. Once you experience the betterness, you will embrace the slow, chalky disintegration of foul taste.

Oh... What kind of topsy turvy world are we living in when the package from you is under my tree awaiting Christmas morn, and your package (part 2 or possibly both) are en route and will mostly likely be late? I guess I have "toddleritis".


Kensey - You're welcome! I tried the Zicam and I can't do it. I am a wimp when it comes to things I deem "nasty tasting." I think I'd rather be sick than have that taste in my mouth, but thank you for the suggestion.

V - You don't think I actually think that cold voodoo works, right? I take it for the placebo effect alone. I like that idea for your invention, though. If HeadOn ( has a market, I think your snake oil - er, gel - can too!


Sweet! Two words I haven' heard in a long, long time: "scantron" and "senioritis". Try Zicam lozenges, I swear by them. They really make a cold shorter and less dramatic. I hope you heal quickly....



Before you take your Airborne, you may want to read this:

I think I'm going to invent a cure for missing limbs. *A gel that you rub on your stumps to grow back your extremties.

*-results not typical


Way to go, Fran! Now you can hopefully kick this oncoming illness & enjoy the holidays!


Well done! So glad you blitzed it. Adult learners kick a-- oh yeah, this is a family website. Sorry.


Excellent! Hope the nap was restful with dreams of nothing even remotely related to medical terminology.


Thanks, ladies!!!!


Congrats on being done with the final! I'm sure you did awesome and you'll be pulling out a double A+!

Rock on!


Two words, Frantastic: WOO! HOO!