2008-12-13 21:33:15

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Things found in the Reed household today

Greta's Grandma Reed sewed her a fantastic advent calendar and filled it with fun little things, and we all have fun seeing what each little pocket holds each day. In a few of the pockets so far, there have been tiny figurines from the smallest nativity scene. Greta loves it, and she loves rearranging them (usually into choo-choo configuration). She gets a little confused about the donkey, camel, and bull and who is who. Today, when I asked her who the bull was, I figured either "donkey," "camel," or "cow" would be her answer, but she said, "I call him Poopy Boy." I have NO IDEA where she got that from; I take no blame for this one.

Behold: "Poopy Boy"

The figurines are maybe half an inch tall, and they're all neatly painted except for one: the angel. I have no idea what went awry with this one, but her paint job is quite sloppy. I do understand how difficult it is to paint such a small thing. My high school boyfriend was into Warhammer (which is one small step up from playing Dungeons and Dragons), and I watched him paint similarly sized figurines, or "miniatures" as the Warhammer crowd calls them, more times than I'd like to admit. It's tricky business. I just wonder what went wrong when the angel was being painted. I bet it is quite a story.

Behold: Sloppy/creepy nativity angel. What big eyes you have, sloppy/creepy nativity angel. Does your banner say Gloria or Florida?

In other inappropriate news, I found this in a bag of animal crackers that I recently bought.

Yeah, so I haven't seen such and x-rated snack since this. I don't know what else to say about it. I am at a loss for words. I will say that I hadn't read through the newest comments on that previous link in years, and I was amused to see some strangers' thoughts on what they found after they clearly Googled "animal cracker love."

What else?

They have these at Wegmans for $20. We bought two of them.

You know you want one (or two or three).

Also, I made Chex Mix, which is my favorite Christmassy treat.

Notice there are no Wheat Chex in the mix. That is because Wheat Chex are for chumps. Merry Christmas to me!




Poopy Boy is officially my new favorite name.


I strongly recommend you age that bottle of three philosopher for a year or 2 before consuming it.




Was the angel up all week on some kind of bender? At a rave or something like that?


The angel looks like some hippie, homeless dude that sleeps on the beach. He dressed up for Christmas hoping to get a hand out from passer-byes.


that angel's eyes will haunt me all day.


Your post made me lol (as the young kids type) and Maren is extremely interested in me laughing at my computer. But... the animal love is far to x-rated for her to see. So funny! It definitely says "Florida", for sure.


Todd instructed me to buy him that Ommegang gift pack for Christmas but I forgot. Thanks for the reminder! I'm not sure if they will have it at crappy Auburn Wegmans though, I may have to hike over to Fairmount!