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So does anyone have anything they'd like to talk about today?




Like the sponge rules. That sounds sensible and I used to follow that, to a point; however, I haven't used sponges for dishwashing. I like dishrags and wash them frequently now in the washer in the sanitary cycle, and I clean the floors with a steam cleaner, which I think I like. Supposedly most cleaners are toxic to kitties, so I am liking the steam method much better than scrubbing and rinsing, rinsing, rinsing. And I feel terrible for the grandfather. He was quoted once about the hell he lives in. Somehow, I see him as the innocent here.


Of course, Franny. Dirty sponges will never come between us!


Amanda - We may never see eye to eye on sponges. I hope we can still be friends. : )

Kensey - Microwaving sponges is quite exciting. Another fun thing: putting your dish sponge in the dishwasher. It comes out like new! You might appreciate that I love my Mrs. Myers cleaning products so much that I actually hide them before the cleaning lady comes over. Hehe. I am rotton to the core! Isn't it funny how much we've talked about cleaning in the last day, and our entire freshman year I think we cleaned our dorm room only one time!

Sarah C - People do seem to think that sponge rules are difficult to understand. I think they are logical and, therefore, should be easy to understand. Oh well. By the way, I made shepherd's pie tonight, which always makes me think of you, since you made it when we were roommates and I ate at least three helpings. Best food ever.


For sink, bathtub, floor, etc, I use a stiff scrub brush-type thing (and sometimes an older dishcloth for puddles), and for the counters I use a dishcloth (separate from the floor cloth)---all of which are then tossed in the wash after only a couple of uses. We use paper towels in the kitchen, but I really hate doing that. But sometimes it just has to be done. I just don't like sponges, even though I've done the microwaving thing. We only have 1 sponge at a time in the house and it's for dishes.


You don't know how excited I am to microwave sponges now, never thought of it! I actually demote sponges quite often to floor sponges directly from sink sponges and use a cloth and spray on the counters. I throw away most dish sponges once a week, when the garbage goes out (also not very green, but I'm a germaphobe). The ones that don't get thrown away get downgraded if necessary. Microing will surely help. Who knew that when you tossed it out there about what people wanted to talk about, you'd get sponge issues?????


I kind of have same sponge rules. But not everyone "understands" them!
I like to put the dish sponge in the microwave for 30 second, I read that this kills almost all the germs, who knows!


I lived with my brother during the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college, and he gave me some rules regarding sponges (and I think his only other rule was "no overnight guests"). I have basically followed those rules with some modifications since.

My sponge rules are as follows:
When a sponge comes out of the package, it is a sponge used only for doing dishes and cleaning Greta's tables.
After 2-3 weeks, the dish sponge is downgraded to a counter sponge. This sponge is used only for cleaning kitchen counter surfaces.
After 2-3 weeks, counter sponges get downgraded to floor sponges, where they have an indefinite lifespan and can be used for floors or basement cleaning, outdoor use, etc.
The dish sponge is always on a little platform thing next to the sink. The counter sponge is always sitting behind the sink, touching the counter. Floor sponges are in various buckets under the sinks. Once a sponge is downgraded, it must never be promoted again. Sink and counter sponges are microwaved for 3 minutes whenever I think to do it. It's not the greenest thing, for sure, but I usually use wipes to clean bathroom sinks, counters, toilets.

I used to come home and find that the dish and counter sponges were sometimes touching or the dish sponge would be touching the sink or something. And one time the dish sponge smelled like counter cleaner. Now the dish sponge has a temporary home away from home (in a cabinet) when the housekeeper comes. I have trust issues. : )

Amanda - What do you use? Dish towels? I heard something on Oprah once about how germy dish towels get, even after washing and bleaching. but the biggest thing for me is that I can never get them sudsy enough for my liking.

Kimmie - I found out that a bunch of people at work have houskeepers, so I ended up getting a glowing recommendation from a coworker and we've had her for about a year. With few exceptions, we are happy with her. If you want her name and number, let me know!!

Vienneau - I assumed everyone had these same sponge rules. : )

Lavery - I love "p&, good for mind, body, and soul"! We might need to turn that into a banner.


Like many others, Franny, I want to hear your sponge rules. I'm actually against sponges--they gross me out.


ps. I too am curious to hear your sponge rules.


I'm so surprised and excited to hear you have a housekeeper. I thought the Levys were the only ones. This adds one more justification to my list. Maybe someday....


What exactly ARE your "sponge rules". I'm highly intrigued.


I think it's great you have a housekeeper, so much time is wasted on cleaning or obsessing about cleaning!


i like that you have sponge rules. i have sponge and drain phobia. i feel ya sister. thanks for making me feel less crazy. p&, good for mind, body, and soul.


Amanda - 1) Yay! B) Boo! You should do something nicer to celebrate these types of milestones. Seriously, why would you do that? ;-) And happy holidays to you!

Taryn - My answer: Housekeeper. I have never brought it up here, but as you well know, we have a housekeeper come once every two weeks. It makes all the difference in the world! It gives me more time with my family, it allows us to do maybe 20 minutes of cleaning a night to keep the house in decent shape (which gives me an odd sense of accomplishment and avoids that nasty overwhelmed feeling I get when things are messy or downright dirty), and it's WORTH EVERY PENNY. So, even though you'll need to pick up after the kid basically all of the time, at least you can focus on that rather than cleaning-cleaning on top of the picking up, and it's much better on the psyche. I highly recommend it (even though our housekeeper [or "the janitor" as Pat calls her] drives me nuts in different ways, such as by breaking things and not always following my sponge rules).

Jennifer - Agreed. I will never understand it. I feel so bad for the grandmother and I wonder what went wrong there. It's just bad all around.


I have several things I'd like to report...

1) During my first full semester as an adult learner, I received an A in all 5 classes.

B) To celebrate the 4.0, I'm home with the stomach flu today.

Happy Holidays to all!


My question: how is it possible to keep your house clean at all when you work full time (and your husband does) and you have a one year old whose favorite game is to take everything out (magazines off table, tupperware out of cabinets, toys out of bins). I feel like I'm a constant cleaning machine! And while I'm cleaning I have to keep an eye on him to be sure he's not falling down the stairs, pulling over the Christmas tree, walking the dog by her ears, etc. I'm exhausted!


I agree that story is SO sad. It makes me SICK to think there are ppl out there that could do such a thing to a child. sick sick SICK people. They are the type that eat kittens AND puppies for breakfast.


V - Ugh, that story is just awful. (I think you should add "C 1/2) Lie about everything, including where you work, to the police" and then change D to "All B, C, and C 1/2.")

Amy - No big plans, thankfully. The last two weeks were very busy, so hopefully it will be low key. Making Chex Mix and studying for my final, which is Wednesday, are the two biggest items. Definitely want to see you later this month!


A question for all of the mothers out there.

If your 2 year old daughter was abducted by your supposed Nanny that no one ever meant, and she told you not to contact the authorities or she would kill her, would you:

A) Immediatley call the authorities.

B) Go clubbing for 1 month.

C) Get a tatto.

D) Both B&C


what are your weekend plans? baking cookies? rocking out? playing dress up? i want to see you guys when i'm home (dec 23-28)!!!