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This weekend we logged more than 413 miles in the car. Did we go someplace spectacular? Yes! If by spectacular you mean Utica, Skaneateles, and back to Rochester a few times. What?? Spectacular is subjective.

Saturday we headed out to El Rancho Vienneau in Utica for their annual Early Christmas Dinner. This is actually the first year we’ve made it out there for their Christmas dinner, but it was worth the wait. We exchanged gifts, drank wine, and ate a lot of food. Mary Ann made a dish that is native to the area, chicken riggies, and it was our first time having that. It was really good, and I keep thinking about it…it was really, really good. Unfortunately, we could only stay a little while because we had to head to Skaneateles to drop Greta off at my parents’ house. My mom watched Greta for the night so Pat and I could go to the Wilco show. Fast forward back to Rochester, Pat and I got back at our house at 7:15, and the show was starting at 8. We quickly freshened up, drank a glass of wine as quickly as possible, speculated about who “And Special Guest” would be (Could it be Radiohead? You never know!), and pinched ourselves once we realized we officially had a night to ourselves. We walked to the venue, which was only a 10 minute walk (yay for city living!) and got to hear most of the opening band – Jennifer O'Connor, not “And Special Guest” – while sipping Heineken with my baby’s daddy.

Wilco played a great show. Their music was very, very true to the album versions, which is always enjoyable to people like me who fear change. It is also impressive, to me at least, when a band is so precise. When Pat ordered the tickets, we were slightly disappointed that we could only get seat in the balcony, but we were very relieved when we saw that everyone on the ground level stood for the entire show. This is never good for our 5’ 2” friends (ie, me). I was happy to be sitting with the other aging hipsters at a very reasonable distance. This show received some superlatives in the Fran Concert Series Superlative Awards:

  • Live music most similar to corresponding albums
  • Most tan corduroy jackets in one venue
  • Most theatrical lighting
  • Lighting that most made me thankful I am not prone to seizures
  • Most instruments – Holy crap, I counted somewhere around 16 guitars, and I think Jeff Tweedy used all of them!
  • Longest encore – Or what I’ll call the “second set,” because that’s what it was. They had two very planned encores totaling 9 songs.
  • Best seats – Pat and I were in a great section of a row of two seats each. At no point did we need to say “excuse me” to anyone or get up for anyone else.

Overall, it was a great show. We happened to sit a few rows away from our friends Jane and Mike, and we ended up walking to Good Luck to get a drink and we shared a couple pizzas. It was a great end to a great night.

Sunday we picked up the bean, had lunch at Doug’s Fish Fry, and headed back home. We all took a very long nap and barely had time to lament that the weekend was almost over when Monday showed up.

So, here we are. I have no pictures to share with you, so in homage of Sarah Silverman, here is a slide show for your viewing pleasure that will probably get us sued for copyright infringement.

These are my parents.

This is one of my neighbors.

This is what I did on vacation last year.

This is what I did on vacation two years ago.

This is my art.





Your parents have changed since last we saw them! Guess we should get together more frequently


Timpani!! I freaking love the timapni. Seriously. It's in my top 5 favorite instruments. That is annoying about the background singer. I have been frustrated by the same sort of thing. This might be like apples and oranges, but Pat and I were recently discussing how the opening act is ususally awful. Shouldn't the opening act complement the headliner? Also, when I really hate the opening act, I wonder if the bad I went to see likes them or not...


I liked the show, because he was great and actually pretty funny to boot. I was HIGHLY annoyed by the airy voiced chick that was singing the harmonies. I mean, I know she would have to be ethereal in nature, but I spent the whole time wondering why he picked her to do this tour. It was distracting. The first set was just him and her and it was all quiet stuff and the second set had about 10 musicians on stage, timpani even! It rocked!


FYI It was hilarious.


That's OK. In six months or so you'll "Where have I heard those words before?"


Ian - Noooooo. Unfortunately we only have basic cable, so I do all of my Sarah Siverman watching via Netflix. Sorry I missed the joke!


I'm guessing you did not yet see last weeks episode of Sarah Silverman?


Jennifer - Thanks for the hot tip. I am quite possibly the worst joke teller ever, but I may give it a shot.

Ian - Are you implying my neighbor wears fake blood?

Amanda - Damn straight.

Jenny - They played that. Unfortunately, they didn't play my favorite song (We're Just Friends) or even most of my favs.

Kensey - A friend of mine went to Iron and Wine around here, so I got the scoop on how he did it (I remember you and I were speculating about how it might go), but I am interested to hear how your show was specifically. PS - Timmer is a keeper.


FYI, I've posted my contest / giveaway on my blog today. Come on over and enter!

Direct link to the contest for anyone that is interested:



Your zombie neighbor looks a little dot-nosed. Ozay!


You Reed's DO love danger...


My all time favorite Wilco song is California Stars...... which is with Billy Bragg. How appropriate.


Glad to hear you enjoyed your outing. Yeah, at the Iron and Wine show (which was indeed super awesome) we had to stand the entire time. The only way I was able to see was if Tim stood under a dripping air conditioner- and he did without question or complaint. At our fifty year anniversary, I'll surely give that a shout out. Now, I wanna see Wilco!


Amanda - I'm no stranger to danger. ;-))


Your vacations look dangerous...


Jenny - It was indeed. Hopefully you will get to see them! It was definitely something I've been meaning to cross off my to-do list, so that is fun. (I think it's funny that the last person I saw live was Billy Bragg.)

V Murder - Yay! Glad we could stop by. I would love to get Mary Ann's recipe!

Jennifer - My neighbor is indeed a zombie and a Mac user. I would personally prefer a brewmaster neighbor. Actually, I think our neighbor on one site of us as a bit of a dealer of sorts. He and his lady friend don't appear to "leave the house" or have "conventional jobs," and at some point he told me he's an "herbalist." At least meth isn't considered an herb, so I don't think we need to anticipate any explosions, just the occasional scent of weed when we're taking out the garbage.


So glad you loved Wilco - still need to get around to seeing them. Sounds like you had a great weekend!


Thanks for coming out to the party, albiet a short visit. But we'll take a little P&F+G rather than none at all. MaryAnn will be gald to know that you liked her Rigges. Can't wait to see you guys again soon.


Your neighbor appears to be a zombie. I'm not sure which is cooler? Our neighbor who is a brewmaster, or yours - a real life zombie?

I happen to think zombies rock so it's close.

I love the eyes in the woman in your art. Such depth...