Third time's a charm

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I have an affinity for the Park Ave Holiday Open House. It's just fun to see so many people out and about on Park Ave in the cold weather. We missed it the last two years because of different maladies: last year Greta was puking, and two years ago she had croup. Luckily, we were all feeling well today, so we bundled up and headed out. It was really cold, so we didn't stay long, but we did the important things:

We got pictures with some Winnie the Pooh characters.

For those of you paying attention, here's a picture from three years ago (when I was preggers) with the same Tigger and Piglet (and friends Rebecca and Steve).

Okay, back to this year: We got a picture in front of a huge Christmas tree.

We got our free piece of candy at Stever's. (I made the rookie mistake of getting a piece of chocolate-covered sponge candy [sponges are not as tasty as they sound].)

We got our glögg from Northfield.

Now I'm so cold and I can't warm up! (Christy, it's a good think you didn't come. Brr!) It's blanket, tea, and cuddle time.




The Santa at this years Warm 101.3 tent asked my friends if they were naughty girls. Apparently Santa wasn't opposed to having a pg-13 Christmas.

Is the Glogg you have really boozy ? The stuff I make will take paint off the walls, but also cure the common cold.


that little misses is so TALL! the height comparison of you holding her is crazy! i was talking to my mom about the park ave holiday open house night (or whatever it's called) and she asked if i had ever gone. i realized that i hadn't because i was always teaching!


Aww, I miss Park Ave fest every year! Bummer.


Sponge candy is NARSTY!