I love the Internet

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I found this video of a guy who went to college with Pat. I met him at least a half dozen times back in the day, and I could never tell if he was straight-up crazy or if he was just extremely dedicated to his shtick.

The denouement takes place around minute 2:00.

V_Murder, you know this guy? ;-)

A little tidbit: this guy was on the Gong Show last week and he was gonged by Dave Navarro, although I haven't found proof of that on the Internet yet.




Amber - I like to think that the Universe understands that certain people shouldn't be able to procreate, for this exact rason and for others. We all know, of course, that this is not the case. So yeah, the Internet can be evil, but what are ya gonna do?

Kenser - I know! To think I was actually in Fairport at one point today (that's where we go to the vet). I've never feared so much for my life!

Anitra - Crazy! Small world, indeed!

V Murder - Thanks for the linkage! Too funny! Dave Navarro looks more and more like a woman. He really is pretty at least. And yes, if we agree on one thing, it is that Andy Dick is a dick. As his punishment, I posted this hideous mug shot of him. Take that, Andy Dick!


The internet is evil. Can you imagine if as a 20 year old you googled your father and this is what you found? We will mever be able to outlive our past now!!!


I am so concerned for my peeps in Fairport, NY! This was ever so alarming. That guy needs to get some action (from God only knows where) and release some of his pent up rage. PnF, educating me yet again to what is actually going on in this world of ours.


Oh my stinkin' gosh, what a small world. Funny that you posted a video produced by Dr. Smoov, -- a.k.a. Danny D. Danny went to RIT and majored in film, he lives in CA now and has worked on a lot of exciting projects. He and I used to go to grammer school and religious ed together. :) Danny isn't the pirate in this particular video, and I can't seem to spot him in the cast -- maybe Pat knows of him anyways? Oops and I think he goes by "Dan" now, though I'll never call him that!


Ahh Yes. the Great Captain Karyus! If you enjoyed the first video, you can watch the same Sea Shanty from the Gong Show last week. It really does exhist. This is a link to Mr. Karyus' MySpace page:


PS- I must add if I didn't need another reason to hate Dave Navarro, I now have one. Also, Andy Dick is a Dick!