Oh nos! I is going back to skool!

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Well, I will not be matriculated, but I am going to take the first college course I've taken since 1999. 1999! Dat's right! It's a medical terminology course at Monroe Community College, paid for by the fine folks at my workplace. It starts next Wednesday, and I'm having first-day-of-school jitters!

As I was walking on campus today to register for the course, it hit me when I looked around at the students and realized I was NOT in flip flops and a tank top, that I am an Adult Learner: someone I used to detest when I was an undergrad. Annoying Adult Learners with all of their questions and their grade grubbing...But you know what? You better believe I'll be getting an A in this class. I'm one of them now, b1tches!

Okay, I'm a little distracted as I write this because the Democratic National Convention is on and Joe Biden's shiny, smooth forehead is confounding me. His skin looks better than mine! What's up with that? Pssst: it's cosmetic surgery/dermatology. (That's the closest you'll get to politics talk on this site.)




Sarah, how did you score that gig? Saweet, I would have loved to see Biden's shine in person.
A. L.'s (adult learners) made me laugh out loud. I was one a year or two ago and actually toyed with the idea of wearing pj's to class to try to fit in with the youngin's. I didn't, I just annoyed the crap outta them instead-which, btw is the tack I think you should take.


Adult Learners ROCK. Trust me. I've been one for 2 weeks now and I feel cooler than ever before.


Tera - I would never!

Margaux - I hear ya. I also think he needs to tell his cosmetic derm to go a little lighter on the Botox next time too.

Jennifer - Just like in high school, right? ;-)

Sarah - Nice! Thanks for posting the picture. That's so cool that you were there - how exciting!

Kimmie - Oh, of course I will keep you posted! I'm not sure this will warrant any back-to-school shopping, but I'll see what I can do.

Stella - I'm not sure "adult learner" is sthe official name in these parts. That's what my college friends called them. To be really condescending, we called them "Als," which always sounded like they were "special" students to me. Congrats on the high mark!

Holly - Thanks Hol....should be interesting.


Just don't remind the prof that they forgot to assign homework! The Mature Students at Alfred were always doing that. Grrr, still mad about it!


I also think Biden needs an updated hairstyle. To go with his shiny forehead.


Biden's head IS super shiny. That thing was amusing the heck out of my last night.

Good luck going back! I'm sure you'll master being all "too cool for school"


not teleprompter- i meant the huge video screen. while you are at it though, you can also note the snipers on the very top above the video screen. (very tiny in picture). i would have called people to tell i was there, but THE man had scrambled all the cell service so no one could call in or out.


here is what joe biden's forehead looked like from inside mile high stadium last night (note the teleprompter).


I thought the same thing when I went back to get my Masters. Fortunately there weren't too many 'lil kids in grad classes though. Keep us posted on how it goes!!

OH! Does this give you an excuse to go back to school shopping?


Over here, we call them Mature Age Students, which makes me feel like I need a facelift.

Did I mention I got 95% in the test I got back today? Yes, I even make myself sick.


Amen to everything in this post from adult learners (HA HA HA I totally remember making fun of adult learners) to Biden's skin...Good luck with your class! Of course you'll get an A.