Leftover red wine was the inspiration for this update

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So, after my disappointment with wasting half of my day on Friday preparing for the laser treatment (by being a bundle of nervous energy, grocery shopping like I wouldn't be able to leave the house for about 6 months, and then sitting with about $50 of numbing cream on my face [that, thankfully, I didn't pay for] for over an hour) and having nothing to show for it, I felt like I had to make up for lost time and make my vacation day worth it. To some people this might mean an afternoon at the spa, or marathon shopping, or starting the Great American Novel. For me, it was doing some things around the house that I've been meaning to do - and doing some things around the house I never intended on doing.

I first took my aggression out on this park bench that we inherited with our house. It had been super peely for years, so I scraped it and primed it. I then sanded our upstairs railing and banister, which I've been meaning to sand for quite some time. After sanding, I realized a lot of the dust collected in our already very dusty chandelier. And I honestly had no intention of cleaning it until I saw it was completely covered in a large layer of spackle dust and I thought, I'll just see what I can do with the Swiffer duster...

...about a quarter bottle of Windex, a dozen paper towels, and three hours of my life later, that SOB was SPARKLING.


I'm so proud of it.

Saturday, it was our anniversary, as I already noted. Thank you all so much for the nice comments and well wishes. We tried to get a couple babysitters, but apparently most childless people have actual plans going on weekend nights in the summer, so we decided to cook a nice meal at home. After Greta went to sleep, Pat and I cooked what I declared OUR GREATEST HOME-COOKED MEAL EVER!

We had gone to the South Wedge Farmer's Market the previous Thursday and bought almost all of our ingredients there, including some organic filet mignon. The filet was amazing. I can't imagine ever buying filet from Wegmans ever again (except maybe during the winter).

The most exciting news, in my mind, is that we have been pacifier free since Friday. I would like to say that Pat and I finally laid down the law, but the truth is that we lost three pacifiers in three weeks, and day care lost the last one (the first one they ever lost). Anyway, we took it as a sign and so far so good. Greta has been quite understanding, considering, and even told me that she's glad her pacifier is gone. We fibbed a bit and told her the "pacifier fairy" came and took it to give to a baby, but whatever works. Although she still has her moments of weeping when it's time to get in the car, she's doing much better than I imagined.

Lastly, Greta's day care is closed this week, and Pat and I are taking turns staying home with her. Some parents from G's class organized events each day of the week, and they all went to the zoo today. Pat took bunches of pictures. I enjoyed going through them and picking a couple of my favorites.

I like this one. It proves that two year olds love animal crackers and that boys have cooties.

Happy Monday.




"I like this one. It proves that two year olds love animal crackers and that boys have cooties."

LMAO! Love that statement. So true, so true.