An Important Day in PnF History

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Five years ago today, Pat and I tied the knot! A lot of people ask us how we stay so happy together, rightly so, and I always say that communication is the biggest thing. Take, for instance, this recent IM conversation Pat and I had.

Fran: I love a John Mayer song: check it

Fran: I feel so dirty

Pat: thumbs down

Pat: it's so acoustic sonority

Fran: did you listen to the words?

Pat: a little

Pat: is it about you and greta

Fran: well and you and Greta

Fran: he wrote it about the three of us

Pat: that was sweet of him

Fran: when he's not busy being on TMZ, he's writing about simple folk like us

Pat: he should have a baby with Jennifer Aniston

Fran: he's not going to be having a baby with anyone if he keeps wearing ugly outfits like the one he's wearing on that Heavier Things album

Pat: what's with those pants

Fran: and that shirt

Fran: all right, I'm out

Pat: bye

So there you have it folks. Important conversations like this one over IM are the lifeline of strong relationships.

Seriously though, I am so happy to have found someone who is so obviously my match and who makes me laugh daily.

Here's a little blast from the past.




Happy anniversary, PnF!


Happy Anniversary! Once I had a dream that John Mayer showed up as a surprise at my birthday party just to play that song. And I don't even have a daughter!


Hey you two. Congrats on 5 yrs already. Hard to believe Rachel and I will celebrate 9 this October. Anyhow we wish the 2 of you many more yrs together.


Did you guys break out the Video of your Wedding and rock it on your anniversary?

I didn't think so. That thing was a "stright-to video" production anyway.

Can't wait to see you guys. It's only been a year.


Happy Anni!!


Congrats! Hope you have many many more wonderful years together.


Happy Anniversary PnF! How was that 5 years ago?

I clicked back on the link to your wedding post and I still chuckle to myself, because I have a deep seeded fear that I am one of those that you called out as having a *really* good time at your wedding. Sometimes I dont know how to contain myself in social settings like that.

Miss you all!


Happy Anniversary! You both look so young.


Wow! Congrats Fran and Pat, I'd like to sing: "Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!". Sung to the Silver anniversary trumpet that i played so righteously in college. And to Sarah F- congrats! Marriage is a fab adventure.


Happy Anniversary, Pat and Fran!

Fran- look how long your hair was!


wow. congrats to you both.
i am sitting here wondering how that is possibly 5 years ago. in some it feels like it was 15 years ago, and some it feels like it was last year. hope the wonderful time warp is the same for you!


wouldn't you know it. after 5 years of dating my honey, mike- we became betrothed on this very day today. first, scott baio and i share the same birthday, and now this. holy smokes.


Happy anniversary guys! Per Andy--"sorry I haven't called lately--I've been gone a lot (insert "grrrr" and deep sigh from Jamie). I'll call you soon." Hope to see you soon....Nate realllly wants to see Greta in person--he thinks she's "beautiful" (:


Happy 5th anniversary, with may more to come! I hope you guys get to do something special to celebrate :)


A deep and intimate conversation...perhaps you guys could go on Oprah and give marital advice to troubled couples. The world needs your experience and guidance.