Some good clean family fun (as opposed to the usual wreaking of havoc we usually do as a family)

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So, this past weekend, we tried to go to the Boulder Festival in the South Wedge neighborhood, and we could only stay about an hour and a half. We knew there was a fee to get in (most Rochester festivals are free), but we figured it would be a few bucks. When we went up to the money-taking guy, he said, "Fifteen a piece." When we looked at him like he was crazy, he said, "Oh, it's ten a piece today." We again looked at him like he was crazy after we peered into the festival and saw no actual humans in there other than a couple vendors - who were probably sooo not happy - and some other workers and heard the sounds of a rather awful band (and I'm not saying it wasn't our taste - they actually were technically bad). We said, "No thanks," and turned around and walked away. As we did, Greta started bawling. We had talked up the festival, and she was so disappointed to not get to "go into the party." We finally calmed Greta down with a promise of pizza for lunch. Living in Rochester, home of the weekly summer festival, Pat also safely promised Greta that we would go to another festival this week. He found out about a carnival in the Swillburg neighborhood planned for tonight, so we decided to check it out and we had a blast. There were a lot of fun things for kids to do and good food. We got dinner, including cotton candy for dessert; a blue duck balloon animal from a clown who was barely creepy; we made a necklace out of noodles and boondoggle string; we saw a radio-controlled, stuffed fox riding a tricycle (holy random); and we bought Greta an awesome T-shirt with a skull on the front and says "Rochester 14620" on the back. Greta keeps it real (with a little help from Mom and Dad.)

Here's the proof for you naysayers.

In this picture, Greta was staring at the bizarro fox thing. Any time that was within 50 yards, she had an eye on it.

And here is the most elaborate blue duck made out of balloons ever.




Lavery - That's cool! I remember when those signs first went up and I thought it was a little odd to go with the swill theme, but now I definitely think it's very clever and cool. (And they have the best T-shirts of any neighborhood.)


i just want to tell you that, when i lived in the 14620 in the weird little pink house on caroline st., this lady lived next door and made up these petitions to get "swillburg" signs put up around the area. she was so cute about it was her dying wish to pay homage to the swill farms that had been there. and, as you may have noticed (or not really since they are tiny and up really high on the poles---they are green and gold...i think the pig is gold...ooooo ahhhh)...but i just wanted you to know i was part of that. rochester---vote on signs with pigs. san fran---vote on medical pot and gay marriage. life IS easier on the east coast!