Now featuring two forms of birth control*

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Pat had class tonight, so I picked Greta up from day care. On the way home, I had to run to CVS to pick up a prescription. Tops is right next door, and there were a handful of groceries I really needed. Okay, so when I say I really needed some things, I am exaggerating a bit. As I mentioned yesterday, Pat got our new stove installed, and I haven't baked anything in a couple months now, which has been kind of awful for me. I had my eye on a cupcake recipe, and I really, really, REALLY needed Nutella for it. I had some other things on the list as well, so we were going through the store and when I was halfway through my shopping list, Greta started crying, trying to get out of the cart. Pat and I have a bad history of answering this behavior with A) taking her out of the cart and letting her help push, or carrying her while pushing the cart (which is AWESOME, let me tell you), or, as of recent, she just bolts down the aisle like a maniac or B) giving her the pacifier and quietly begging her to stop crying and stay in the cart. I am always afraid to make a scene, so I let Greta basically have her way with me any time we're in public. Every book and article I've read on the subject insists you can't fold in public, and I know this is true. So today, in cruddy Tops, I stood my ground and let her cry for 10 minutes while I finished my shopping and then waited in line for the slowest cahier in the world to check me out. On the drive home, I made Greta hold her pacifier but told her she couldn't put it in her mouth. (Amazingly, she complied.) We had a quick talk about it once we got home, and then we proceeded to have a great night. It was horrifying, and I felt every pair of eyes around me burning a hole in me, but we all survived. And, hey, at least it was Tops and not Wegmans or someplace I would ever see any of those people again.

*In case you missed it, the first form of birth control came from the pharmacist at CVS, and the second form of birth control came from shopping with a screaming two year old.

When Greta started crying and it didn't seem like she was going to stop, I was tremendously tempted to leave the cart and walk right out of the store, but I had the Nutella. Nutella! And I had cupcakes to make. These cupcakes!

Check it. So good.

It rained tonight, so instead of our usual walk, we made the cupcakes, and they were ready just in time to get Greta all sugared up before bed.

The second best part of Tops (after the Nutella)? They have Framboise - the big bottles - for only $10! Nutella cupcakes and Framboise are totally worth sitting through even the worst tantrum.