Pride all around

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On Saturday Greta and I headed out to Skaneateles to give Pat some uninterrupted time to work on the kitchen and so we could visit with my parents and see Taryn's dental office.

Taryn, Baby Oliver, my mom, Greta, and I went to Doug's Fish Fry for lunch, and in case you live under a rock, that is my favorite restaurant. I hadn't been in ages, so it was quite exciting to go and share a fish dinner with my mom (they're huge!). Greta had quite an appetite, so she ate some tomatoes, grapes, and a fruit bar I brought as well as most of a hot dog. I made the obligatory offer of fish, and, surprisingly, she agreed to try it. She is anti condiment, so I was equally surprised when she dipped her piece in tartar sauce before eating it. The biggest surprise, though, was that she not only didn't spit it out, but she proclaimed it "nummy!" I was so ridiculously happy and also quite proud. I, of course, had to document the scene.


Commencing bite


She ate a few more bites and seemed to generally enjoy the Doug's experience. And, um, in case anyone is super observant and notices that Greta is wearing the same dress in the pictures from Friday as in those on Saturday, I will say that I washed it Friday night (cool Friday night activity, riight?) and put it back in Greta's drawer, and Saturday she wanted to wear it again. That was simply a battle that didn't seem worth fighting, mmmkay?

After lunch at Doug's, we all went over to Taryn's new office. I knew it would be super nice because Taryn has great taste and her goal was to make it nice and comfortable and basically didn't want it to look like a dental office. She definitely succeeded, and it was even nicer than I imagined. In fact, it is nicer than most salons I've been to! I'm just so proud of Taryn for following the dream she's had as long as I've known her. I also have a vague recollection of her saying in high school that when she opened her dental practice that she would have my photography in it. I remember scoffing at the idea (what, I'm a pessimist), and it has actually come true. It means so much to me that she even followed through with the photography part.

She chose five of my photos to enlarge and frame, and she even named her two operatories after two of the photos: snail and ladybug. I am completely honored.

Here are some pictures of the office.

Waiting room

Am I in some kind of fancy coffee shop? No, I'm in a dental office waiting room!

Somethin' for the kiddies

Front desk

Snail operatory

The cherry on the top of our little Saturday jaunt home was that Pat made great progress on the kitchen. There is just a little more left to go on the floor, and the new stove is in place. Pat even hooked up the gas. I was there while he did that part, and I basically blinked and he was done. When Pat and I were newlywed renters, I never imaged he was a do-it-yourself guy! For that reason, I'm proud of Pat as well!

Damn, this post was super feel-goody.




Great office! Taryn, I hope you have much success and satisfaction there and your clients find the place calm and comfortable. Hope you can achieve some balance with the marriage, parenting, and practicing triangle!


i am with greta. i have only eaten veggies for over a decade (sometimes i eat crab at xmas), but i would totally pronounce doug's "nummy" too!


Thanks for all the nice comments Fran! It was nice to see you guys and show you around the office! I'll keep you posted on any art enthusiast inquiries!