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My best friend, Taryn, is opening a dental practice in our home town next month, and she asked me for some photos to frame for the office. I kind of panicked when I thought my high school photography teacher (who I have deep admiration for) might actually go to get her teeth cleaned and see my photos and realize that I never made it as a photographer and that my oeuvre has become 99% toddler subject matter. Hmm. During Greta's nap time today I headed to the most beautiful place I know of in Rochester: Highland Park. Specifically, I went to Lamberton Conservatory, Warner Castle and Sunken Garden, and the outdoor amphitheater. I had a lot of fun walking around and finding some of the obvious beauty in these places.

As much as a I love Rochester, I love that being at the conservatory and castle always make me feel like I'm in some magical land. Here are some of my shots. Hopefully they effectively yell, "Don't forget to floss!

My biggest task of the day was trying to keep Greta occupied while Pat started installing some Pergo tile-like flooring in the kitchen. Greta is always hell-bent on helping when she sees the need, and keeping her from "helping" Pat was quite a battle - one I lost more than once. Here she is acting as foreperson.

Also this weekend we FINALLY hung up the family portrait that was taken of us when Greta turned a year old. For being such motivated people, we certainly know how to put the simplest tasks off. I love how they look on the red wall that they were photographed in front of.




Tera - Thank you! I did not take the family portraits. A student photographer at RIT took them last year. She has since graduated and can be found here:

Lavery - I loved that are you lived in. I also love the cemetery, which is something I have a hard time explaining to people who have never been there. It is really a beautiful place, and so alive with everyone walking their dogs and biking. People also seem a bit freaked out when we tell them we got the inspiration for Greta's middle name from a gravestone at Mt. Hope. : ) Well, when you are in town visiting your grandmother, you should get an appointment with Taryn. Maybe you would no longer loathe the dentist. : )


Love the little stones and the one right above it. Did you shoot the family portraits, too? They are very cool!


great photos, fran. and thanks for taking me back to the park. i sure loved that place. living in that house on cook st. was so cool because on one side was highland with all its secret alcoves and then mt. hope cemetary on the other that was just so magical too. taryn is going to have the coolest dental office ever! (although, i would still be too freaked out to go!!!, i loathe the dentist)


Jen - Yes, it's so exciting. I wish I lived closer so I could go to her too! Glad you like the photos. Doesn't the aloe one look fake?

AS - Ah, well, I actually do like my job (most days) and like the structure of having someone actually telling me what to do.

Stella - Thank you so much! It's fun to get nice feedback.

Jord - Thanks! Yes, I love the family shots. I really like how the photographer shoots family members separately, yet they all come together. It's great that she could pick and choose our best shots and not be limited to one person looking goofy in one shot while the other people look good, etc. Definitely a smart concept.

Aunt Kish - Thanks! Taryn told me she will be hanging my photo(s) in her favorite room (the drilling room), so I am honored. The floor, which is coming along slowly but surely, looks fabulous!

Shelley - Totally. Purple Care Bear is really the brains behind the operation too. ;-)


Wow how cool that Taryn is doing that! I wonder if my parents will be going there... I'm sure that they will, they used to see Dr.Kantor in Marcellus. Congrats to her, that's awesome!

Your pictures came out great! My personal favorite is the one that I believe is an aloe plant?

The family photo is so cooool! I want to steal that idea!!


Why do you have a day job?


They're fantastic photos! I'm impressed.


Fran - LOVE the pictures! They came out great. I especially like the one with the little stones. The family portrait is really cool. I like the concept of the 3 individual shots put together like that. Nice work! :) I am already planning to go see Taryn as soon as she is open!


The photos are wonderful, for Taryn and of the family. Cannot believe that your teacher would feel disappointed. And the new floor looks nice with Greta's supervision. Way to go, Pat and Fran!


Greta's all, "What? I brought the Care Bear to do the hard labor. I'm on break."