2008-06-28 23:09:06

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The weather cooperated this afternoon, and we had a handful of people over for a barbeque. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed the food and had a great time.

Group shot!

Greta's buddy Nathan, who is about 11 months younger than her, showed up. Greta always has fun with him, and she seems to enjoy being all big-sistery with him, which is pretty cute.

Nathan was leery of the pool, but Greta lured him in by showing him what fun it is.

After dinner, they cozied up in a chair together.

They had the giggles here.

Now I'm all tukered out.




Of course, Frank! We had a great time too and were glad some folks could come over on very short notice. Glad Nathan slept well. Now that I think of it, Greta did too!


Thanks for the invite! Great food and more importantly, GREAT friends! Nathan slept good that night!! Frank