I got a tattoo!!

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JUST KIDDING, MOM. I surprised you, didn't I?

As I was just reading some information on laser tattoo removal, I was thinking how happy I am I never got a tattoo. The thought definitely crossed my mind more than once in college, but I definitely thought that anything I might get tattooed would likely be regrettable, and I couldn't possibly think of anything I would even consider having on my body forever, other than possibly a battleship across my chest (at least there would be a nice flat surface for the tattoo artist - tee-hee). Anyway, I am siting here saying, "Thank goodness I never got a tattoo!" And I started thinking about all of my friends who did get a tattoo in college or even our friend Erik, who got a tattoo as recently as this month.

So, for this lovely Friday, riddle me this: Do you have a tattoo (or more), and if so, what is it and where is it located? When did you get it, and do you regret or rejoice your decision?




Jen - I am fascinated by your tattoos. I've seen them on your site and they're not joke. The angel wings are amazing. I have thought that probably the safest tattoo to get would be your child's name. That still doesn't mean I'll be getting one! : )


I have 4 tattoos.

a lizard on my ankle - got it in high school

my daughter's name on my calf - got it right after she was born

A pair of phoenix on my hip/stomach area - it was my wedding gift from my hubby

Angel wings and angelic symbol on my back - got it after going through some very very hard times last year.

I don't regret a single one, and I look forward to getting more. My next tattoo will be for my youngest daughter.


I'm having a crazy this-is-your-life day!

Mrs. N - Thanks so much for commenting. It truly made my day. Singing in the darkroom is ringing a bell...Those are some good memories.

Mindy - Hi Mindy! Well, this is probably not a shocker, but I used to follow your site you had a few years back, and of course I just lurked because I have never actually met you. Thank you so much for saying hi! Your tattoo sounds absolutely lovely.

Amanda - You're a regular tattooed lady. ;-) If I DID get a tattoo, something involving Greta sounds pretty safe and timeless...that doesn't mean I'll be running out to get one, though.


Kimmie - I'm with you, sista!

Sarah - Oh yes! I remember the frog now. I remember being all, "Are you suuure you wanna do that?" I'm glad to hear you're still glad you got it. It does seem very appropriate for you (other than the faded part).


Your High School Photo Teacher likes your photos and I was thrilled to see pictures of your toddler. Taryn sent me the link to your site. A totally logical progression from the young girl who used to sing in the darkroom.


First time poster, been reading for a bit (friend of Kirsten and RIT grad..I'm not a stalker!) I just got my first tattoo in Thailand on my honeymoon. It's on the inside of my wrist and says "together" in Thai. Love it now and it's too soon to regret it, I guess. Glad I waited until something "spoke" to me rather than getting a butterfly or something generic put on me in college. Great blog, btw. You crack me up!


A sun on my ankle, which I don't really care much for anymore. 3 stars down the back of my neck (smallest to largest), which I love, and will soon turn into 5 stars. And my favorite, on my lower back I have the Japanese symbol for "spirit" and beside it the initials of my friend, Lori, who died from cancer a few years ago. My sisters and my dad also each have a tattoo for her. Tattoos rock, Franny, I think a big pic of Greta across your back would be awesome.




I always wanted one, but never got one because I'm such a chicken and afraid of that kind of commitment. Today I'm glad I didn't get one and don't think I ever will.


Yep, I have a frog on my back. Actually I got it when i lived with you. I don't regret it but it's really faded, i guess that's what you get when You agree to be the guinea pig for an amateur tatoo artist! I'll get it fixed on someday.