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When we started out for our walk tonight, a very perky and smiley young woman came up to me and introduced herself, saying she lives two doors down. She said she is a U of R student and said that she would be happy to babysit for us sometime. I liked her immediately and even Greta, who instantly warms up to new people maybe 2% of time, smiled at the woman and said, "Hiiiii," as in, "Hey pretty lady. I like your blond hair." Soooo, the thing is we haven't had a babysitter in ages and only had a semi-stranger babysit one time. Does it seem crazy to try and set up a time for her to babysit? Is it acceptable to ask for references, or am I being completely anal? Oh, and what the heck is the going rate for a college-aged babysitter?




Fran - nothing is better than having a babysitter close by! We have a teenager down the road from us that babysits and we started by asking her what she usually makes. She told us $5 a hour! I was actually surprised at how little that was and so we started off paying her $6 / hour and now that we have her babysit almost every Sat morning, we pay her $7 / hr. I figure it's about right since she's on the young side and can't drive just yet. I would just guess a college student might be more like $8 or $9 per hour since it would be above min wage but keeping in mind that it's under the table so that's a plus for them! That's our experience! Good luck on Saturday!!


from a mom with NO babysitter: listen to your mommy voice. sounds like you have already :)
I would kill to have a 2 door down sitter.

$....I would offer a price/ night deal. thats how i did when i baby sat back in the day. I would get abt 20 for the night...ummm that was a while back it seems....


Seems like a good relationship in the works!! Congrats. That isn't easy to accomplish!


Hi Fran, you could ask the pretty lady with blonde hair what her hourly rate is... and if it's seems a little high you can negotiate from there. :)


Thanks to all for the great advice! We actually ran into her again tonight and we invited her over Saturday to hang out for a bit. Pat did some subtle grilling and she seems like a great girl. And the greatest part? When Greta saw her, she ran right up to say hi!


I think it's standard to expect them to come and play for awhile, usually offering some money, but they don't always accept it.

Get to know them.

It's totally fine to ask for references.

Not sure on the price, but we've paid anywhere between $9-15/hour, depending on the age of the sitter and our location.

A 2-door down babysitter, assuming she turns out not to be a dud, would be a VERY, very good thing. We have a high school girl here (woot! already), and I am comfortable with it because we really like her family, and the parents are always just down the street.

Oh, and we go to dinner about 8 blocks away and could be home in under 5 minutes...


No reason not to ask for references and a meeting to see how G and she really hit it off. As long as she's the real deal, she'll have no problem with giving you some names and her "credentials" so you can be as sure as possible. Sounds like a great idea to have some one close!


I agree with Dan, have her come over for a play date to see how she works with Greta. See if she's taken the babysitting class through the Red Cross, and ask for references. Ask her how much she pays too. I feel like we may be willing to pay more so we don't feel like we're ripping them off, but $20 may seem like a ton to her.


i would ask for a couple of references (of people she has babysat for in the past). she shouldn't be offended at all.

as far as price - i think it used to depend on how many kids i was watching. i believe i was getting 10 an hour for 1 - 15 an hour for 2 - 20 an hour for 3 and so on. mind you - this was pittsford! price would also depend on how much was expected of me. i used to nanny and clean for more. if the kids were sleeping most of the time i would get less.


You should either
1)Ask for some references and perchance look her up and make sure she's not a felon or something

2)take her out with the kid on a play date. She how she interacts.

How much is it worth to you to get out on the town for an evening with the kid ? 50 bucks ?

I got paid two dollars an hour when I babysat my brother or the neighbours kids down the street. Granted this was in 1994, but I was certified by the Red Cross