Snails are our friends. Why, I don't know.

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It's no secret that I hate bugs, but, somehow, snails and slugs have won me over. Well, unless they try to eat my pea plants, in which case I chop them in half and spear their body parts on a twig and splay them for two reasons: 1) to provide as food for birds and 2) to serve as a fair warning to others who may try to eat my pea plants. Slugs should also note that they are welcome to eat anything in the garden other than the veggies.

We get some very pretty snails and ridiculously giant slugs that are actually quite beautiful. When it rains, Pat and I always make a conscious effort to be very careful walking around the yard and sidewalks. Even so, we are no strangers to hearing a little crack under our feet when we're running into the house during a rain storm. RIP, snails.

It has been pretty wet around here the last few days, and I got a few pictures of some of the little critters around. Here is one guy I was particularly fond of.

I call him Aloisius St. James. And here is a close-up of his eyes. Even Greta loves snails! How could anyone not?

PS - I love our camera.




Fran, how will you know if you don't try?


Ooh, good info, ladies! Aunt Kish, I didn't know you were taking that course. It sounds very interesting. I would love to get into composting but haven't made the leap yet!

Manda - Do you think it would be a big seller? I'm not so sure most people enjoy looking at them as much as I do. It is probably a fairly untapped market, though.

Stella - You mean I don't need to kill the little sluggies? Well, that is excellent news! I feel bad now that I didn't research that. I just get a little overprotective of my plants...


And coffee grounds will enrich the soil! I'm taking a short organic gardening course at the local arboretum and that has been mentioned as one of the best things a person can do. The folks have whatever coffee shop or restaurant is close to them save the grounds, and they pick them up and scatter them over the garden or add them to the compost pile.


Fran, I think you should put out a coffee table photography book just of slugs and snails...


Great pictures! Coffee grounds will keep the snails and slugs away from your plants.


Yeah snails are pretty darn cool. We used to have one in our fish tank like lavery said. Ours was bright yellowish/orange and I loved that little guy! When i got divorced my ex got custody of him. :-/ haha, funny, but true.


brian and kaia have a snail in their fish tank and MAN, i never knew how totally groovy those dudes were. being able to watch him sucker at the algea and move those crazy eyes around...whoa.


That camera is just amazing! Snail eyes! Who knew!!