Abbreviated weekend redux

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Friday we went to Greg and Kimmie's for dinner and so the girls could play. Here's a cute picture of Maddie and Greta. Unfortunately you can barely make out Maddie's awesome Las Vegas tattoo.

Saturday my parents had a bit of a McCarthy family reunion. My parents went all out, and it was a great time. They got Greta quite a few new toys for their house, including a great new sandbox. Here is a picture of Greta knocking over a plastic chair (chair not pictured), which she did repeatedly until she noticed the sandbox.

I had sort of big plans for today for Father's day, but it turned out to be one of the duller days in the Reed family household. I felt crummy for most of the day, which put a damper on my plans. Luckily we still had a nice day. Highlights include Greta actually eating a Mickey Mouse pancake at Flour City Diner this morning (rather than just poking it and making faces like she did the last time we ordered one there), watching Pat and Greta run through the sprinkler in the back yard, and Greta FINALLY using the potty for the first time ever. To date, Greta has logged quite a bit of time sitting on the potty, but she had never actually used it for its intended purpose. She seemed kind of shocked at first, but then she seemed to enjoy saying, "yellow pee-pee bye-bye."

My cousins gave Greta some super cute dress-up clothes yesterday, and here is Greta modeling one of the outfits today.

She also wore a crown during most of breakfast. I'm enjoying the girly-girl phase for as long as it lasts!




I'd be afraid to be a snail who messed with your pea plants!!

Had a blast playing with you guys Friday night. We'll have to do that again real soon!

Love the dress up clothes idea. Have to give that one to Grandma for a birthday idea!! : )


Thanks, Anitra! I consider that a high compliment! : )


That second picture of Greta looks like a mini version of you, Fran! And I love her dress up outfits. :)