Ceci n'est pas une stunt double

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We saw a side of Greta today that we had never seen before: her daredevil side. We went over to Dave, Laura, and Sydney's house, and Greta saw Sydney jump into the kiddie pool. With little hesitation, Greta jumped right in, spread eagle...

...And then she did it about 500 more times.




Showed this and the ABC's to Mom and her friends and they commented on Greta wearing her shoes to swim. Always prudent, so maybe she's not such a daredevil after all!


AWESOME shots! Love it!


That looks like So Much Fun! When will winter be over? That's right, it's barely started. I can't wait for November.


Thanks, Maris! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Here's our camera: http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryi...

It is definitely worth every penny!


That is insane. So awesome. By the way, thanks for sending the pics from our 'cuse get together. They were great. What kind of camera do you have?


Ian - I have used quite a bit, but I definitely have more than enough for this recipe. Do you want to stop by and grab some? If we're not there, please just go in the back yard and grab some. You can't miss it. Just beware the opossum!


Not related to this post -- Do you still have rhubarb? I need to make this recipe ASAP because I am so curious.



Aunt Kish - I was so proud of my normally reserved little bunny.

Mom - LOL - I was wondering what you would think about this photo proof that Greta has a wild side. I think Hoppa might be right. : )

Jenny - Hehe. I feel the same way.

Anitra - I think Greta was regretting her decision a bit this morning. I think she was a little achey from landing on her little booty about 50 times. Owie!

Margaux - She made that face every single time she jumped in the pool, and I think my face mirrored hers each time. I was just a wee bit nervous watching her.


Looks like fun to me! Nothing quite like grabbing life by the ears and going full out!


Hoppa asked if there is a little bit of Uncle Phil in her?


She gets better and better with every picture you post. I love it!


...wish I could jump in a pool spread eagle. That's confidence! :)


I love these pictures. Her face is priceless!


Kimmie - Greta is definitely a good jumper for her age, but she had some assistance here - there was a little step stool outside of the pool that she was jumping from. Even so, she was getting some good air, I'd say.


I'm so impressed Greta can get such height on her jumps! Maddie is still trying to master the whole two foot jump thing.