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Boooo. Really busy. Too busy for a proper update or even a recent Greta picture.

Just wanted to check in. My lips are still dry as the dickens but I'm holding strong.

Just so I feel like I did something post-worthy, I will show you this. And this delicious-looking recipe featuring creative math! I can't wait to make them. One of my friends was recently giving me a spiel about how bad beef is as far as depleting resources and some other things that sounded like blah, blah because I just kept thinking about steak with sautéed mushrooms. I promptly went out and bought two little sirloin steaks that are just waiting for Jaden of Steamy Kitchen's steak Gucci-ifying. Yum.

Fran (as if you didn't know)


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The out of body experience ( or OBE) is when an individuals consciousness or perception separates from his or her
physical body. Accomplishing different tasks at one go
is difficult. PCBs are still a major contaminant,
even though the chemicals have been banned for years. This company is growing so fast and is so profitable I think we can expect them to continue morphing into other businesses and changing the model of industry after industry.


Ooh, a comment from Jaden!! [swoons]

Aunt Kish - Have not had them yet. Wegmans has some magical wrap for their beef that makes them stay good for an unnatural amount of time, so there is never a big rush with steaks. I did try the recipe one time a while back, though, and while I would never have confused my sirloin for filet, it was very good. The cake will be new to me, and I'm very excited about it.


aww...thanks for the shoutout Pat and Fran!

xo, jaden


How were the steaks?? She is onto something with that. The creative math on the cake seems less plausible, but it does look good! Thanks!