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Tomorrow is my mom and dad's anniversary, and they are very cute because they are driving out from Skaneateles in the morning to visit Greta at day care and then leave around lunchtime. They are looking for a good lunch recommendation in Rochester, and I don't know why, but I'm drawing a blank. I'm looking at you, Dan, and other good-food connoisseurs. Henrietta or east side is preferred.




Happy Anniversary to sister and her honey! Hope their day is a blast!


Dan - Well, I'm not going to send my parents to Parcels, but I have been meaning to go to Swan Market for a while now. We went to a BBQ last year with meat from there and it was the best BBQ food I've ever had. My friend Alex goes there a lot too and always sings its praises. Greta doesn't like meat per se, which is a bit of an issue, but we could definitely bring some lo mein and let her have at that. Syracuse has Dino, so that's kind of old news to my parents. Your Aladdin's suggestion, though, gave me the idea to suggest eating someplace on the canal in Pittsford. I think they'd like that a lot, and there is a decent variety to choose from down there. Thanks for your suggestions! I'm glad you always come through whenever I have food queries.


The last place I went to lunch that was really a good meal was Swans meat market on Parcels (the bad part ) Its authentic german food at a very reasonable price. Every time I've gone there I've spent seven dollars on food and like twenty on beer. I would suggest the Shnitzle or the sausage plate. Not a lot of kids food there. I would also suggest eating at Aladdins on Monroe. Greek food in the summer time is kinda the bee's knees. I don't know how keen your reproductive effort is on eating different food, or even if you just give her a bag of cheerios and let her explore. My last suggestion is Dino. bbq. Because lets face it, you can't go wrong with Dino. Or Beale Street for that matter.


Jen - I agree! I mean, spending part of your anniversary with your grandchild is one thing, but spending time with her AND her grubby little friends is certainly a testament to my parents' cuteness.

I will definitely tell them about the Inn Between and John. I bet it has been years since they've been there!


I'm not any help as far as rochester restaurants... but I did want to say its SO CUTE that they want to spend the morning of their anniversary with miss Greta.

I suggest they steal Greta and take her to McDonalds play Place for lunch, and then go out to dinner at the Inn Between in Camillus instead. Make sure to ask for John as the waiter... he makes the whole experience more than worth while.