A retrospective

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Apparently, when you're two, someone can start doing a retrospective on your life. One of my favorite parts of having this site is looking back through the archives. I was just looking back at this time last year and then this time two years ago, and it was fun for me to compare the pictures of Greta.

Here is a picture of Greta from earlier tonight at Buckland Park. We got takeout from Aja and ate it in the park, and then we played.

And here she is exactly a year ago today. I remember we were so excited she had enough hair to put a tiny but totally unnecessary barrette in her hair. This day she had her first taste of chocolate!

And here is Greta from her "tub-tub" days, specifically from April 18th, 2006. She was almost 5 weeks old, and I think she had almost doubled her birth weight. She looked a little like an overstuffed sausage at this time.

I may do this every now and then, which I realize is completely selfish.

In other news, I've got nothin'.




Lavery - That's funny! I remember when you thought that the first time and almost included that in this post. I'm glad she finally grew into her ears. ;-)

PS - Only because you ask: moreso = not a word


...and all this time later, i still did the thing i did the 1st time i saw that stripey outfit and thought "whoa! greta's ears are SO big"...but it is the hand of the person holding her.
she is super adorable all the time, but seems to be getting moreso (is that one word?) with time.
....aja noodle, how i miss thee :(


Kimmie - It truly is! I love looking back at the changes, and I'm glad you enjoyed it too.


I've always thought of doing the same thing, but never got around to it of course. :)

Isn't it amazing what changes can take place in such a short amount of time!