2008-04-17 08:27:48

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I work with a lot of MDs who work all over the world, most of whom I will probably never meet in person. I sometimes Google people I work with to learn a little more about them or see if I can find a picture of them, just so I can put a face with the name/personality. When I looked someone up this morning I found this unusual but wonderful stock photo image. (Just to clarify, this is not one of the docs I work with.) I just had to share. Behold the mustachioed physician caring for his mustachioed patient!

That is all. I let the photo speak for itself.




mustachioed ~ there really is something lovely sounding about that word. Kinda like the word voluminous.... it rolls off the tounge....

OH OH.. how about a voluminous mustachioed pistachioed muchacho? Yes, its has a ring to it.


Shelley - I could only condone that if you made a fake mustache entirely of pistachios, but then that would be just nuts. Har!


That mustache is amazing. Also, I love the word "mustachioed". I always want to say it like "pistachio".