Great Extend-o-weekend

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This weekend was all about fun and good food. I'll skip to the highlights.

Saturday, after Greta went to bed, Pat hunkered down for some quality homework time, and I headed out to Lola Bistro for our friend Kevin's birthday. As I got ready, I got my "going out purse," and the contents of the purse were like a little time capsule. Well, there was really only one notable thing in it: a receipt from what I believe was the last time I went out to a bar for drinks. The date on the receipt was from June 30, 2007. Can that be right? I've been racking my brain, and I really think that was the last time I went out-out. Anyway, so it was a really nice time, and I got there and realized I was starving and should order food if I was going to have even one glass of wine. I got the pecan-crusted goat cheese salad, and it was so ridiculously good. I keep thinking of that delicious patty of warm goat cheese. Yum! The lettuce and other veggies below that were not half bad either. Rule of thumb: You know a salad is good if you're still salivating thinking about it three days later. I was glad to see Kevin and meet some of his friends. It was definitely a great time, and I'm glad I scraped myself off the couch and went out for the first time in about 10 months - 10 months!

Sunday we headed out to Skaneateles to drop the Greta Bean off at her Grandparents McCarthy, and then we went to Ithaca for a concert. (A concert on Sunday night, you ask? Crazy, I know.) Taryn and Todd had gone to Ithaca earlier in the day, and we met up with them in the early evening to go to the historic (maybe using the term somewhat loosely) Moosewood Restaurant followed by a concert at the officially historic State Theater. It was all of our first times at Moosewood, although we've all wanted to go for years. We had a really great meal and got out of dinner in perfect time to go get good seats over at the theater.

Pat and I are tourists in Ithaca, but Taryn and Todd are Cornell grads. Everyone (tourist or not) humored me for a picture in front of the Moosewood.

Here is portrait of Pat and Taryn while walking over to the show.

And here is a portrait of The Todd and me. (Not too shabby for me holding a cruddy point-and-shoot camera.)

The show was Neko Case (well, NPs) with Okkervil River opening up. It was a nice show but definitely didn't knock my socks off. In a nutshell, Neko was sick and definitely wasn't at the top of her game. Don't get me wrong, she still sings about 5 million times better than I do, but I had heard nothing but rave reviews and about how amazing she is live, so I had extremely high expectations. There were also some idiosyncrasies with both bands that left me kind of "meh" about the whole thing. It was a great night, though, and I'm so glad we went.

Because we had to drive back to Skaneateles after the concert rather than Rochester, Pat and I decided to take today off. We got to sleep in a bit, then we got ready and headed back to Rochester. We drove straight to Greta's day care and dropped her off there, and then we had Pat and Fran Fun Date Day 2008. We started things off with a nice lunch at Hicks & McCarthy followed by a short stroll in Pittsford and coffee. We then went to see Juno (FINALLY). We both joined the masses of people who love Juno. I was kind of expecting to be lukewarm about it ONLY because so many people told me how great it was, and I automatically thought I would be disappointed due to too-high expectations, but it was really so cute and lovely. After the movie, we picked Greta up from day care and resumed our normal non-jet-setting lives.

In retrospect, one of my most exciting things for me about this weekend is that I did all of these super fun things and, by my calculations, only missed out on an additional 3 1/2 hours of Greta's life than I normally would have. (Not that I want to miss any time, but, to put things in perspective, that's the length of time some women spend at the salon, so I figure that's not too shabby.)

How was your weekend? Did you vote for in the Webby Awards yet?




Thank heavens Moosewood still exists! That place has etched mouthwatering memories I'll never forget from 10 years ago! Thank you for reminding me of that place.


Jen - It was very nice!! I know what you mean about feeling like you can't handle the freedom. Not only do I feel way too light and like I'm forgetting things, but I also start to wish Greta were with us. I have to make cute faces to every little kid I see and even smile and feel a blend of happy/sad when I see the kids who are having a tantrum. Sick, I know. It's like once you become a parent you're constantly conflicted.


Sounds like you had a great time. Its nice to have adult only nights isn't it?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in being a parent that we forget what its like to go on a real date.

Whenever me and the hubby have a night to ourselves I'm constaintly feeling like I'm forgetting something because I have so few things to watch over and carry. Its almost like I can't handle the freedom LOL!


Kevin - Thank you for thinking to invite us. I'm glad I got to go as the Reed Family representative! I didn't know you weren't feeling well! You obviously hid it much better than, say, Neko Case.

Taryn - Oh please, your respective chins are fine. Even Pat's chin looks bad in that picture, and he has the strongest chin of the bunch. It just goes to show you that pictures lie. It was great getting out with you guys, and we look forward to doing it again soon!

Tracy - I know, all of the parents reading this post are no doubt drooling. Sorry you aren't a member of the Juno fan club. I can totally understand not liking it and am actually kind of surprised I liked it as much as I did. It helped that the soundtrack could have easily been compiled from the Reed Family music collection.

Kensey - Oh dear. I can picture that all too well. [Shudders.] I give you tons of credit for trying! Maybe you can get a babysitter and go back. I know, I know, easier said than done.

Shelley - Mmm, yes, Moosewood is so good. If only Rochester could get and keep a great vegetarian restaurant. If I recall correctly, Chris has an aversion to Hicks & McCarthy. It used to be kind of a crappy restaurant circa early 90s, and I think that's his lasting memory of it there. Next time you're in the ROC maybe we can get afternoon tea there!

Lavery - That is uncanny!


Thanks for coming out to Lola, Fran! Wish I had been feeling better though. I would have suggested moving the celebration to some establishment over in your neighborhood. Some other time I guess.


the jirouseks' chins do not look very good in those pictures. but it was great hanging out! i remember what it was like to have a social life!!!


You had such a good weekend! I am so jealous of your fun outings!

Sadly, I am of the camp that feels lukewarm about Juno...


The "highlight" of our weekend was going to be touring the Berkshire Brewing Company (local brewery which TIm has always been a strong supporter of). Picture it: we get there, there's about 40 people milling about in the parking lot (all under 30 and most under 21 if you ask us), nobody has dared to bring a child- let alone a 10 month old. We panic and then talk it out: I'm driving and not tasting, this is solely educational, we're really not doing anything wrong. We decide to try it and then panic yet again as our stroller barely fits between the aisles of metal vats... we could carry her,put the stroller outside AGH!!!! just leave. Yup, we just abandoned our group and ditched having walked approximately three feet of the tour and not a sip a beer between the two of us. Lavery- does this add to your birth control thoughts? And this, people, was supposed to be the highlight.


I love Moosewood Cafe! That sounds like a great weekend. Next time I'm in Roch I'll have to check out Hicks & McCarthy, based solely on your glowing reviews.


we traded lives!
you went to my favorite restaurants and attended a neko case show (did she ask where her stalker was?)
and this weekend i did nothing because i was babysitting....
and now i may never allow myself to have intercourse again in fear that a life like the one i had this weekend!
way to go p&f!