Pre-holiday fun

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In honor of the fact that there are maybe a half dozen of us at work today, my coworker Colin and I decided to represent our love of Doug's Fish Fry by wearing our (nearly) matching Doug's Fish Fry T-shirts. Represent!



My T-shirt is making me hungry.

The first time Colin wore his DFF shirt to work my head almost exploded with amazement and joy. Contrary to my strict rules against matching outfits, I said he should let me know next time he was going to wear it (because of course I have one too). I got the good word this past Friday that it was matchy T-shirt day on Monday. Because today is practically a holiday and there is barely anyone here and I could probably have worn a bathrobe to work without anyone noticing, I thought that sounded like a great idea.

Happy New Year's Eve, all (and happy New Year's Day to my ambitious friend in Australia)!




I say it's better to have Dougged and lost than never to have Dougged at all!


Oh I LOOOOVE dougs! The one in Skaneateles is the best!! The others pale in comparison. We live off of 57 and the one up our way somewhat sucks. The one in solvay is good though.. but still... nothing is as good as the orginal.

Doug the flounder, oops I mean founder... lmao (dont you hate that commerical?)


Lavery - Aww, that's very sweet. My Mom and I would go almost every Wednesday after my piano practice, which was such a nice tradition. Lots of nice memories there.

Aunt Kish - That's right! You know all about the Doug's experience! It must be hard to know the greatness of Doug's but not have it readily accessible. What is worse? To have tasted the greatness of Doug's but not have it at your will, or to have never tasted Doug's? ;-) Either way, we'll get it next time you're up!

Stella - I would be willing to be Doug was working on NYE. He's just like that. Sorry you had to work that late Monday but I read your site and it sounds like you had a fabulous New Years anyway!

Jenny - Doug's the best. Happy New Year to you as well. Hang in there with the work stuff!


mmmm.....doug's! that sounds so yummy. i remember walking there with my grandfather as a little kid. i was always amazed at the way they wrapped up the plate and made it a handle. i would like to have doug's, and eat it with my grandfather...
both things are near impossible, but dreaming is nice!


Having had the Doug experience a number of times, I must say that fish a la Doug's would do much to warm my tummy today. Yum! So far away! Love the shirts and nice to see a kindred spirit is with you as you toil the day away. Happy New Year to all!


I bet Doug's at work too! I'm afraid I too had to work NYE. Head Office rang through at 5.25pm, ostensibly to wish me a happy new year, actually to check that we were still open in accordance with company policy. Evil.

At least your colleague showed up with the matching shirt! Things like that lighten the load a bit.


Never you fear, Im at work too! And will be tomorrow..... and everyday for the rest of the month. Love the shirts, making me crave DFF. Havent had it in so long.... I love the pic of Doug on the back.

Happy New Year to the Reed family! Hope to see you soon!