2007-12-27 20:48:53

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Did anyone else get to sit in a sweet fire truck on Christmas?

Because Greta did, thanks to her firefighter uncle, Eric.

Did anyone else get watched over by a totally creepy looking elf on Christmas Eve?

Because I did, thanks to someone's questionable taste in Christmas decorations. : )




Stella - G definitely enjoyed it. When her uncle turned on the lights she said, "Whoooaa." and when he turned them off she said, "More? Moore? Mooore?" Yeah, when I was there I asked if they had had any recent photoshoots. There definitely seems to be something about firefighters...ehem.


Fizzy has a firefighter uncle too. I thought she was probably a bit too little to get excited about his engine, but Greta seemed to enjoy it, so perhaps I will have to pay him a visit at the fire station.

Any excuse to perv on all those hot firies! I used to go out with a firefighter, once upon a time when I was young and single. Mmm. Happy memories.


Jenny - I hadn't seen a firetruck that up close and personal since we went to the Marcellus fire department in elementary school. : ) I don't know what was up with that elf. You know when you can feel someone looking at you? I had been sitting in the line of site of this little guy for about and hour and turned around and looked up at him to see him starting and smirking at me. It was quite unsettling.

Mom - Good eye! There is a lot of red in that picture, and you spotted Elmo no problem. You have obviously been spending a lot of time with Greta Bean. : )

Lavery - Hehe. He apparently appeals to some people. I mean, someone actually spent money on that little guy and someone else decided it was a good idea to make him. So there you go. Personally, I'm not a fan.

Aunt Kish - It's definitely good to have cool uncles (and aunts). I know this from experience. ;-)


Officially jealous of Greta. Want to be in a fire truck NOW.

Seriously with the elf?


That is so cool and cute. Not the elf. Greta, Eric and the firetruck, and of course, Elmo.


uhm..i LOVE that elf!


Yay to the truck! Always good to have a cool uncle who can get you inside a firetruck! That elf is, er... interesting.