2007-12-26 21:50:42

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Here are just a few pictures that I appropriated from my sister-in-law from the McCarthy portion of the whirlwind tour of Christmas.

Greta sez, "The anticipation is killing me."

When you're a cute toddler, you can get away with standing on the back of the couch....

...and wearing a goofy hat.

It was a good day indeed.

Thanks for the pictures, Beck! More pictures and a proper update to come.




Lavery - That beer sounds super good. Thanks for the heads up. Also, I had no idea you met the man in our cabinet. Where did he fall on the creepiness scale?



i just had to share this with someone that (might) care...
so, my uncle is best friends with kenny grossman who is the owner of sierra nevada brewery...and i was looking to see when my favorite beer is due to come out...and low and behold, there was something from the guy in your medicine cabinet! (i, by the way, have met michael jackson at the GABF in denver...he signed my book!)


Lavery - When she had that dress on, I swear she looked the prettiest I'd ever seen her. It was perfect for her complexion.

Jen - Yeah, it looks surreal to me in that picture. It almost looks fake...well, the tree is technically fake (not live at least) but there was no Photoshop involved or anything like that. And yes, I know that Pat and I are opening ourselves up to all sorts of torture in our elder years with all of the things we've done to Greta, but oh well. She did volunteer to put the hat on at least.

Aunt Kish - We wish you could have been there too!


that pink dress is so cute on the little pink face. g is so sweet!


The tree in that last picture looks like something out of a catalog! Its so full and perfect! wow!!

And you do realize, Greta will kill you someday for making her wear that hat right? LOL!


Wish I'd been there! Looks like a wonderful time for all.