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awwww...that's a great christmas card! I love it! Hope you had a festive Christmas!


Jenny - Did you ever get out of work??

Courtney - Thanks! I have been enjoying the stellar shots of B lately!

AS - : ) Wish I could have been there.

Kenser - We did! I hope Maren's first was lovely! PS - I opened a gift a day from your package like my own little advent and managed to save the apron (my favorite) for last! Loved them.

Lavery - Ha yes. It is all about the hair growth this year.

Jennifer - Thanks!! Greta got quite a few Elmos. Elmo slippers, Elmo bath toys, Elmo bubble bath, Elmo books. Each time she got as excited when she'd see his little red face peeking through the package and yell, "Melmo!" I loved seeing your recent Paige pictures, especially the new table and chairs! You're so crafty!

George - Thought of you this weekend when we drove by South Side Yannis (or however it's spelled). Aren't you glad you have that association in my mind?

Stella - Thank you and the same to you! Fizzy on her "bice" is priceless.

Aunt Kish - I feel a little guilty, but you should know that those pictures of the cats were actually pnf.com "stock photos" and not from this year. We did put a jingle collar on Maynard but she wasn't having it and Ruby is even harder to photograph, so we resorted to recycling photos. At least they still made the card. In case you couldn't tell it's pretty much all about Greta these days...


Wow! Thanks! It took lots of planning to accomplish that one! Happy to see May-may and Ruby along with the chronological growth of Greta. What a year! Cool!


Merry Belated Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful day.



Merry (belated) Christmas! Hope you guys had a good one.



Yuur Christmas card is amazing! Great job. How many ELMO's did Greta get for CHristmas? Jenn


i love this card....i think it should be called "a study in hair growth '07"...quite amazing!


Hope you Reeds had an excellent Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.




Love It!!

Still at work.... Grrrrrrr.....