I'm starting to get a little nervous...

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That the stuffed animals are plotting a takeover. Just look at their beady little eyes and the sheer number of them.

Yes, this is what I do on Saturday nights now.




Stella - That certainly explains some things. I can't believe how many G gets. She enjoys them, though.

Kensey - I think you're on to something. G has a bunch of other stuffed animals upstairs. This shot was just of the downstairs stuffed animals. You'd better believe I won't let them fraternize and no doubt join forces.

Aunt Kish - Poor Scooter! If there was a final count on mine I don't remember it but I had a ridiculous amount. At this point I had more than Greta has now, for sure, but she's still young...she may give me a run for my money.


I've come to the conclusion that stuffed animals are a great way to teach children about reproduction. The little buggers breed like rabbits. Put two of them in a toybox and you will come back the next day to find fourteen.

If we get too many more for Christmas, some may need to go to the Salvation Army. I can't afford to feed them all.


That purple donkey on the end is clearly their evil leader...


Yes, we've been trying to get the lead out of Scooter for years!

Greta has the beginnings of a fine collection! Was there ever a final count on yours so we can be sure who wins??

Becky has a good idea on the puppy!


If Greta takes after me then she will have a VERY large stuffed animal collection, which it appears she is currently working on. I wouldn't say no to any new *stuffed* animals, especially with the whole lead paint thing going on. As far as *real* animals, then I would definitely have to say no. Uhh, because I hear they have tons of lead in them, err, something like that. ; )


Whoa! So I guess more would *not* be in order for McCarthy Christmas day...? Maybe a real live puppy, then!

Kidding, of course.