At least someone here is observant

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Greta walked up to Pat's laptop, pointed at it, and proclaimed, "Dada!" I thought it was a fluke until she then walked over to mine, pointed at that one, and proclaimed, "Mama!" Our computers are slightly different but basically look the same. The only difference is that mine is slightly larger (and a little less scratched up). They're so similar I have picked up Pat's on multiple occasions, thinking it's mine.

Looks like we've got a smart one on our hands. Well, either that or Pat and I are on our computers way too much. Probably a little from column A, a little from column B. Heh.




Hey Fran, wanted to wish you a merry merry! I have a feeling Greta is going to be in AP classes when she grows up. :)

I read your last post about feeling overwhelmed and I couldn't agree more. I'm mostly overwhelmed about a lot of things, one of which is my blog. I haven't done a thing with it (really) since the end of NaBlaaa, and have wayyyy to many articles to read in my reader.... but yours is the first site I check!! I know this bloggin' is supposed to be fun, n'all, but really my life is unexciting. I feel as though I'm really diggin' deep for stories these days. hee hee


Stella - That's great! G has been identifying our clothes and shoes for quite some time, which is cute but not always practical. When she knows it's time to get ready to go outsite, she will bring us our shoes, but they're not necessarily the ones we would want to wear at that time. She loves this one pair of shiny, red shoes I have with a kitten heel (for obvious reasons), and I often have to say, "Mama is not going to wear *those* shoes to the grocoery store."

Aunt Kish - Indeed. : )


Fizzy's started telling us who owns what too. To my great delight, yesterday morning when I got up, she got my coffee mug out of the cupboard, announced, 'Mummy!' and with pointing and the use of the world 'P'ease,' insisted that Daddy made me a coffee. Well trained, huh?


Wow! Good brain in that little girl!