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I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed and busy, yet I just want to wrap myself in a blanket and sip hot cocoa. I keep thinking of what all needs to be done before Christmas, and I'm realizing that I've procrastinated even more this year than usual. Things are actually simple this year: we're not really exchanging gifts with family; Greta is a toddler with no real expectations for Christmas (I could gift wrap her previously enjoyed Elmo books and sparkly shoes, and she would still be excited); and, what seems like the first time during my professional career, work is generally pleasant and not the usual sh1t storm (excuse my language) that I'm used to this time of year. So why am I feeling so behind? I think maybe I let my guard down; things got too simple. Now I'm scrambling. It's a happy scramble at least.

The point of this post was to just say that I wanted to say something but just don't really have the time. I hope you're all happy and healthy, and I hope you're enjoying the little things in life and keeping things as stress-free and happy as it gets.

Peace out and peace on earth.





"peace out and peace on earth"

best tagline ever.


ohmy god....i think jenny and i are sharing a life. it was POURING here last night and i seriously thought i heard rain in the livingroom (it was the heater though) and i fell asleep thinking "well, why WOULDN'T the ceiling crack and leak all over with the luck i have been having?".....
i am so sorry about all the (as fran says) "pooptacular" events going on...i feel your pain, really, i do!


Kids........ an update.

I woke up this morning....... and the ceiling in my entire apartment was leaking. Thats right..... leaking. All over the carpet. All over my furniture. All over the christmas presents I bought for my family. Yup. Well this officially might be the worst day of the year for me. The landlord isnt overly concerned. Why would he be, he doesnt have to sleep in Noah's Arc. I on the other hand, am dangerously close to a full on catastrophic meltdown. Happy Holidays.


Jenny - I demand you march into your boss' office and yell, "My schedule is bologna!" while eating a bologna sandwich (an old trick I learned from Pat Reed). Seriously, sorry about your schedule. That's crummy. I'm sure it will pay off, though. Right? Right??

Stella - I always give Godiva when I'm not sure what else to give. That won't work for some of the delicious-food-intolerant people, but they are probably already very familiar with disappointment if they don't eat/drink dairy and/or gluten, so you could probably just give those people something random. Do you have dollar stores in Australia? Those are nice in a pinch. At least they add a little humor to the holidays. Here's proof: http://www.patandfran.com/blogListing.php?blogid=543


Merry Christmas!


wow. jenny, i don't know you, but i am sorry you have to work so much. things suck for me (as previously discussed on p&f.com), but that is really stinky. hang in there!


Jenny, I must say, I'm SORRY that things are not going well! I hope your holidays improve and you find some time to enjoy...well, enjoy ANYTHING! Good luck! :)


You mean someone is happy with their job? Mine is a complete sh1tstorm, complete with the fact that I have to work Christmas Eve, the day after Xmas, New Year's Eve, and New Years Day. Yeah. And this weekend.... and probably next weekend. I havent finished shopping, I think I have an ulcer and my list of things that HAVE to get done is mounting everyday. Oh, and I still cant get my car out of its parking spot after the storm we had on Sunday. Im living by the bus. I swear to god...... shoot me.....


I'm happy to hear you are content with your Christmastime business. I feel like I'm all done with shopping, but also feel like I'm forgetting something, which is worrisome. Ah well, as long as I got the coal for Chris everything else will work itself out.


I hear ya! Except my Christmases are even more complicated now that I am nearly married into the Mowangs. Just how many cousins can one family have? And how can I possibly remember which of them are lactose intolerant/gluten intolerant/don't drink/all of the above?