We're crazy people

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Now that Greta's the ripe old age of 20 months, I thought it was time she start blogging. I recently saw a 13 year old's blog, and, to put it nicely, it left a little to be desired in the way of content. I want to start Greta early so she'll be a more accomplished writer by 13. We'll see. Anyhoo, Greta took some photos and wrote the following:

/… c nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn vcvij :

;;; bbx


ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc c c

m,;;; mm 006D

Okay, Fran taking back over here as far as content goes (in case you couldn't tell). Here's a picture Greta took of me. Her fat toddler finger is over the lens.

And here is a picture she took of Pat and me. You can kind of make out my new hair color. The fact that the top of Pat's head is cut off and the bottom of my head is cut off we'll just blame on the fact that he and I are freakishly different in size.

And what's a young girl's blog without a brooding self-portrait?

The writing lacks direction, but it was concise at least, something I myself can't say. The photos are pure crap. We'll work on both areas and see if we can't come up with something a little better next time.

Fran & Greta



Anitra - Wow, you really read what Greta typed! I would be surprised if Pat were a full-fledged secret agent, but I wouldn't be surprised if he were in spy school. He claims he's taking grad classes at RIT, but how do I really know he's really in the program he says he's in? I'm going to demand his transcript.

Stella - Thank you. My hair is not knocking my socks off, but sometimes I just need a change, and pretty much any change will do, good or not-so-good. Hair seems like a safe way to go in the change department. Pat suggested to me recently that he thinks email won't be around for much longer. At first I thought he was joking but he wasn't. It kind of bent my brain. He also once told me bananas were going to be extinct in 10 years or something ridiculous like that. I do wonder what we will be sitting and doing to waste the time in 27 years...

Shelley - Aww, shucks.

Courtney - That's fantastic. I'm kind of glad I didn't have a blog at 8. When I think about the things I was writing in my diary at that age I shudder to think about them being cached somewhere on the Internet. Oh well. As Kurt Vonnegut said, "In this era of big brains, anything that can be done will be done, so hunker down." I like to think I share that philosophy as well.


Don't know about you, but it looks to me like that last line in Greta's language is suggesting that Pat is a secret agent. "006D" stands for "double-0-6 Daddy".


I love your hair!

I wish my Mum had started encouraging my blogging when I was 20 months old. But here's a striking thought - blogging didn't even exist 27 years ago! Will it still exist in another 27 years? In what format?


I didn't know Greta was so prolific! It helps to have writing geniuses for parents.


Practice makes perfect. My favorite 8 year old has a blog. It's pretty funny.