Can you guess why I'm wearing these big blue paper bloomers?

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Earlier today I looked like this: large paper shorts, high heels, and a very grumpy look on my face. Can you guess why? Whoever comes closest to guessing correctly wins a prize*.

Here are a couple bonus pictures for you.

Happy long weekend!


*I will give send you a prize, and I don't know what it is yet, but it will be nice. Oh, and my mom and Pat are not eligible. Either is Aunt Kish.



Someone became domestic and is making a pair of skorts and decided to model the pattern?


By accident, I sent my newest order for "medium" size cloth diapers to your house?


guess #1- you wet your pants. had to wear the paper ones.
guess #2 - someone was hemming and/or repairing the rip in the pants you were wearing and the paper ones were all that were available.


I am disqualified???? Aw!!!


Are you bringing back the skort?


Ooh! Guess #2 (you didn't say one per customer) You participated in a play/skit at work.


You ran out of clean clothes and could only find a paper tablecloth, which you got all Martha Stewart on.


America next top model audition?