Warning: messy baby alert

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At my previous job, people could post their personal pictures on the company's intranet site. Of course there were a lot of vacation photos and pictures of kids, weddings, etc. One woman was notorious for posting "messy baby" pictures of her kids. Something you may not know about me is that I get really grossed out by such a site. This woman once posted a picture of her son covered in spaghetti and the title was "[Insert name] enjoying spaghetti." It was on the site for SO LONG and I would need to go to the intranet site probably 20 times a day to do my work. It actually made me nauseated on numerous occasions. It was quite a difficult time. This was years ago and I am obviously still not over it.

So of course I have a baby now, and of course she's as messy as any other baby out there. My heart is not completely made of stone, though, so of course I need to document it when Greta is looking particularly gross. (And in case you're wondering, no, I don't get grossed out by Greta. Apparently unconditional love makes it impossible to be disgusted by your own kid.) Anyway, with this long preface, behold my gift to you: Greta enjoying spaghetti! You may try to fight watching this video clip in full, but you won't be able to because this is a minute and a half of Internet gold.

And a still shot displaying the bloody aftermath.

You know you love it.

Oh, and when I get a chance to post a "real" update, I'll talk about my great weekend seeing some of my best gals, how I got bullied by a 4-and-a-half-year-old girl on the playground, and I'm sure I'll drum up some other crap awesomeness to talk about.

Hope you all had a stellar weekend.




Way to eat! Incredible technique!


Shelley - while most moms use formula to supplement when breast milk isn't enough, I used spaghetti. ;-)


Wow, I didn't realize that we're born with the ability to suck up strands of spaghetti! Or maybe Greta's just a genius? :)


I love that she says mmm. Rediculous as always!