Overdue update

File under: wedding

I've been negligent in my updates the last two weeks. Two weekends ago, we went out to Phelps and Canandaigua for our friends Margaux and Steve's wedding. Everything was so lovely, and you could certainly tell there was a lot of thoughtful detail put into things. I cried three times, which is the mark of a good wedding. (I am kind of a sap.)

By last Saturday, I thought my tum was on the mend but, unfortunately, that was not the case. As the day/evening went on, I felt kind of like I wanted to die. I was very upset, too, because there was filet mignon and a hoppin' dance floor, and it was all wasted on me. Boo!

Presenting the Judges!

Here is my good friend Tim (also the brother of the bride) holding flowers. I can't help but document it when I see a man holding a nice, big, pink bouquet and a purse.

This past weekend I was feeling much, much better (thankfully!). It was good timing, too, because we had a bit of a reunion with some old friends. On Saturday, we got together with the Fs (now featuring Elise), the Ls (now featuring Benjamin), the Ts (now featuring twins in utero!!), and the Hs (now featuring shiny wedding bands). It was such a wonderful night. It felt so nice to see them all and spend some time together. We only got a couple pictures from that night, unfortunately. Here are Benjamin and Greta.

And another for ya. I'm really not sure what prompted that look from Greta. That's another thing she got from me: the look of utter pissiness.

Sunday, we went to our wee friend Willem's birthday party. He turned the ripe old age of one recently, so his parents threw him a party. Here is Will and his daddy-o.

Greta loved the favors she got at the party. Here is Greta showing off one of her gifts (and her bottom molars).

Here's our cute bunny wearing a makeshift halo. She was quite an angel this weekend, so it was a much deserved accessory.

Um, and then last night, around midnight, Greta started coughing her head off and has a nasty cold. Uhh, so sorry to all you kids who shared a sippy cup with her this weekend. Our bad.




Dudeman - I should learn Wingdings, huh? Perhaps you should learn English.



your family is ugly. Maybe you should learn wingdings. Yo mamma, she got a really big trell ass!


Re Courtney: Aw! You're so thoughtful! Nice to know you were thinking about us. There's always next time.


Re Kimmie...had we not gotten up so DARN early on Sunday morning, I was thinking about figuring out a way to call you guys to see if you wanted to meet for breakfast! Hopefully we'll be up there a lot more often!


Awww, thanks for the shoutout Fran! It was great to see you and Pat and I was sorry you weren't feeling well. I love the pic of Tim with the flowers!


*sniff* I am so jealous you got to meet B. Next time we'll have to crash the party.


Eric! Of course I remember you! How could I forget a fellow "jive turkey"?

I am emailing you pronto.


If you remember me this is Eric (from Lechmere days). Ok this is kinda wierd, but I was randomly looking for people who I used to work there even though it has been a while.(I know about 12 years ago) If you remember her Diane Guidagno came out to my wedding a couple years ago. Anyway if you remember me feel free to write back, and if you are not who I thought I appologize.


We LOVED seeing you guys...it's been far too long (well, duh, we have toddlers/almost toddlers who met for the first time...).

If your plane-trip is a breeze, I definitely think y'all need to hop on an AirTran down to BWI for another visit.

We hope to head up that way much more often, too!