I'm pretty sure Greta said "hi" to a prostitute

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So, it is unconfirmed but I'm pretty sure Greta said hi to a prostitute yesterday. We were at that little park on Merriman, between University and Atlantic (if you're familiar with the area), and there was a woman walking around, slowly, kind of meandering around that block for an excessively long period of time. I'm gonna guess she's a prostitute, although my sincere apologies if she's not and, say, she's a fan of this site. Each time she passed, Greta would smile, cock her head to the side, and say, "Hiiii."

While I don't think we live in an area that is highly populated with prostitutes, we do live in the city, and the nature of the city is that there are all types of people. I am sure my mom is just cringing right now. Hi mom!

In other news, the search engines are going to love the amount of times I've said prostitute in this post. Prostitute. There, I said it again.

I'll give a "real" update soon. I have much better things to talk about than this.




This is VERY cute -- a story I'm sure you'll be telling Greta's future boyfriends. :)