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We are going to be flying to Ohio, with Greta, in the somewhat near future, and I'm trying to avoid over packing. I'm thinking this is impossible with a young child, but it's worth a try. For you gals (and guys) who have traveled with a wee one, what are the necessities? Where we're going has refrigerator/kitchen (yes, Ohio has refrigeration now!), so we don't need to worry about food items so much as gear. Also, the rental car place is giving us a car seat to use. I'm hoping the "car seat" is not actually just a booster seat from Pizza Hut with a roll of duct tape. We'll see.




They actually let the children ride in the cabin now? Back in 1972, my parents took me on a flight, and I had to ride below with the dogs and cats.

I later found out that it was my parents decision, and not the airlines :(.


Thanks, ladies. Kim, thanks so much for the thoughtful advice. We're also plannin on bring the pack n play, because I've heard hotel cribs/bedding are sketchy. My thought, for the plane, is the just try to keep Greta eating little foodies most of the time, and a friend is letting us borrow a portable DVD player. [Pray for us.]

Glad to know cute babies can use their cuteness to take certain liberties. It's a good lesson for real life, I guess. ;-)


Holy crap... All these thoughts make me never want to fly anywhere with Maren until she is oh... about 24. Luckily, we are pretty lame and only do driving trips as far as Rochester (and never yet with our kid). Greta is so cute, you're likely to get away with anything;)


I've been pondering this one. First, my pediatrician recommended we stop by to have her check Maddie's ears. She also suggested we have her drink a bottle as the plane is actually lifting off the ground, and either another bottle, or eat something (puffs/cheerios) when you start your descent. We didn't give her Benedryl, but did Tylenol for her ears.

Check everything you can. Bring tons of toys on the plane to swap out. Ship stuff if you can. Buy stuff once you get there, like food. My mom had toys at the house for Maddie, so she could've cared less about the ones we brought from home, but have something familiar for her at bedtime.

As far as necessities, she slept in a pack 'n play. We carried her in the snugli through the airport, therefore didn't bring a stroller, which worked fine for us.

I wouldn't stress too much about it. You know what works for you and what doesn't. Everything will work out fine. I also felt much better knowing that if we forgot something we could just buy one when we got there. No biggie. Oh, I've also found that people are less likely to get annoyed with you when you have a cute kid. Major plus.


I think you'll be fine without the Benadryl on that length of flight...however, definitely have a sippy cup or a paci if she still takes them, to help her ears during takeoff and landing...that does a number on their little sinuses.


Jenny - That is fantastic. I even loved the Good Question reference. Who stole my keys, indeed. I would love to see that picture. Perhaps someday.

Courtney - There is no way in hell we're bringing our car seat. It's huge. (This one: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2404112&cp=2255983.22...). Regarding Baby Benadryl, we're considering it. The pediatrician recommended we try it out first, since it has a reverse reaction in some kids. We'll see. I'll chat you (and Holly) up on Saturday!


Corner me about this over the weekend.

My only advice right now would be to just take your own car seat and either check it (get a bag at target to protect it, $20) or figure out a way to get it to the gate (I have a "pac back" google it, and you'll see). I've heard horror stories about the rental car seats. Although, all horror stories have been related to babies who were not ready to be front-facing, which is not the case with you guys...so take this with a grain of salt!

The only value to getting it to the gate is that if there is an extra seat on the plane, you can swipe it for free...but, you can't plunk her down w.o a seat, otherwise. I am not that lucky, so I usually check mine, or, on a couple of occasions, have convinced Andrew to splurge for a seat for B.

Other than that, packing light is the name of the game. Pick a couple of fave outfits, a few necessary toys, and enough diapers (they are nearly impossible to come across in an airport, btw...) I always overpack on clothes, and then get insanely annoyed that I brought so much, and in turn, have to lug it all home.

Buy everything else when you get there.

Oh, and two more words: Baby Benadryl :)


True story:

When my brother got married, his friend Rick (for all you Marcellians - he was the drummer for Good Question), framed a picture of him and my brother on either side of me in my stroller. I couldnt have been more than 1 1/2. My stroller, I kid you not, was no more than some pipe, chicken wire, and a piece of ply wood for the seat. Kids these days will NEVER know how good they have it. I have the photographic evidence! Child safety has come leaps and bounds from the 70's.


Lavery - My grandma is turning 90 so we're going out there to help her celebrate. Let me know when you turn 90 and we'll be there. ;-) Kidding, we'll be out sooner than that, I hope.

Jenny - Glad I could give you a laugh. Hey, maybe the Milnes were no-stranger-to-danger types, but my parents were the ones driving a Volvo who actually made us wear seatbelts and crap. It was and always will be "safety first" in the McCarthy house.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for just making my day a tiny bit better. Picturing pizza hut booster seat and duct tape, and spitting my water out on my laptop. I mean, our parents used that and we turned out okay right?


my question is: why ohio and not california?