Breakfast Fun

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This past Saturday, my mom came into town to watch Greta while we went to a wedding. My mom stayed the night and she joined us in our Sunday routine of going to a greasy spoon for breakfast. Grandma M got a great series of pictures of Greta while we were at the lovely South Wedge Diner. Here are two of my favorites. Greta has started to crack herself up. I assure you that in these pictures she is indeed laughing at herself and not crying.


I especially appreciate Greta's sense of humor since I also often crack myself up. Heh.

Oh, and I am convinced that Greta learns more when she is away from us than when she is with us. My mom taught her to say "Maynard." It sounds more like "Mah-nerd," but I am still amazed.




I love that she cracks herself up! And holy moses, does she look like you, Fran.


Thanks girls. I was beginning to think that my emotional outbursts were a little abnormal. But I'm happy to hear that it's happened to other new moms too.

Courtney - I checked out the pictures of Benjamin...what a cutie! The bubble on his nose is adorable.


Kaite - I defy any parent with a soul to leave day care for the first time (on the real day or on a practice day) and not tear up. You spend practically every waking moment with this little person who depends on you for their every need, and then you think of their needs being met by a virtual's hard, but it can turn into a beautiful thing (given some time). Today, they taught Greta to way "bubbles." How cool is that??

Courtney - We CAN'T WAIT to meet B and see you guys. This weekend is going to be so great. I can't wait. (Did I mention I can't wait??)


I posted my "crack myself up" pics this afternoon, too. I am out of my skin excited to finally meet Greta this weekend...and see her parental units, of course!

Katie...Addie is so cute! Her hair is really getting light, too! FYI...I am also an emotional wreck...I can see the bins of too-small baby clothes from his rocking chair in his bedroom, and I tear up about them on a regular basis.


Thanks Fran! Oh yeah, I'm going to be a basket case...that's for sure. I don't know about you, but motherhood has turned me into a complete and total emotional wreck. I cry about everything lately! For example, I start back to work in 2 weeks and I stopped in at the daycare today to pick up some paperwork. I started crying just thinking about dropping her off for the first time...the poor woman at daycare didn't quite know what to do. I think she's used to it happening on the actual day of drop-off. I just wanted to be different and stop in early to give her a preview of what's to come. Brian thinks that I'm insane.


Thanks, Shannon! This should be a preview of what you and Jay should expect soon enough. : )

Katie - Addie is so super cute! She will be laughing before you know it, and then you'll be cleaning out her drawers of all of the wee baby clothes, crying, and packing them away like I was recently doing. Or maybe you're not a basket case like me. Either way, enjoy it all and know that even more greatness is coming!


What a cutie! She really looks like she's very capable of cracking herself right up...I love it! I can't wait for Addie to start laughing at me. I'm in her face pretty much all day long and I get a lot of smiles out of her. No laughs though, at least not yet.


Love these pics. She is just too stink'n cute!