Greta is practicing for the paparazzi

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No, no. Don't take my picture.

Okay, just one.

PS - What is this outfit, you ask? That is a good question. I am afraid I don't have an answer for you except that Greta is a maaaniac, maaaaaaaniac on the floor!




i have a sweater that would match those socks perfectly. i bet greta could rock it as a sweater dress. :)


LOL - Kimmie, for the next few months at least, Maddie is your own personal fashion plate. You need to enjoy it while it lasts!!


Shut up on those knee highs. You have such good fashion sense! I'm just realizing that I can mix parts of different outfits, and am rarely brave enough to do that!


That's one cute little lady!


Thanks, ladies. I know the days of Greta wearing whatever I put her in are numbered. I think there is a novelty in that, and I'm trying to enjoy this time to the fullest before she makes me take her to Hot Topic.


Best outfit EVER!


LOVE it!


that outfit is fantastic