I feel like poo.

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This past weekend, Greta was acting rather fussy and then threw up all over both of us on Saturday. I didn't think much of it until I started feeling downright awful on Wednesday. Here it is Friday and I'm still sick. I can visibly see my stomach undulating. It is quite distressing. Anyway, so I haven't felt like doing much other than fullfilling life's basic requirements lately (and sometimes not even all of those). Thus, no recent updates for you. Sorry, something's gotta give.

This past weekend, beyond getting covered in Greta's partially digested lunch and afternoon milk, Pat's parents came to town to visit and help us with some work around the house. When we first moved into the house, we immediately noticed the "tripwire" called a railing that overlooks our foyer. In addition to the fact that the railing itself is quite low (it came just above Pat's knee), it was missing a handful of spindles. Our goal was to have the entire railing raised and fill in the missing spindles by the time Greta was crawling, but that didn't exactly happen. We basically just always carried Greta whenever we were upstairs, which worked but wasn't necessarily practical. Enter Pat's Dad: woodworker extraordinaire.

Pat had some bold ideas about how he envisioned fixing this accident waiting to happen, and I admit I may have made a few audible "pshaws." Dick Reed worked his magic, though, and they fixed that beast in about seven hours! I couldn't believe it. Behold: safety! It still needs to be painted of course, but I think it's fantastic.

While those guys were working on things, I was in charge of Greta. I let her draw on her face. And like an old Shake-n-Bake commercial, I was all, "And I helped."

Now Greta gets to walk upstairs. Hopefully she won't become drunk with freedom.

Did I mention I feel like poo? It's all I can think about. I want it to stop. Anyone have any tummy remedies? Do tell.

Happy weekend.




Does misery love company?? I have a bug, too. So far I am trying to cure it with sleep!

The newly improved posts and spindles do look wonderful and should do what neds to be done! Not long until G will be flying down the bannister of life!


I still feel like doody. We had to leave the wedding we were at last night early because I was so sick. Not sure tea or soup will make a dent...but it's worth a try. Thanks!


Lipton noodle soup. Honest to god, its the extradorinary amount of sodium in the soup, but it always makes me feel better when I am sick to my stomach. Hope you are feeling better! And I love the drawing on the face!


Sorry you're not feeling well! It's usually a virus, which means...there's not much to do but wait for your immune system to kick it's ass. When I have tummy problems sometimes ginger or peppermint tea helps, though. Get better soon!


BUMMER. Being summer-sick is the worst! Get better before next weekend...or else!