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When I visited Greta at lunch today, one of the teachers in her room told me that Greta was "reading" the dictionary this morning during a diaper change. I'm so proud. Maybe she'll be an editor, like her Mommy, when she grows up. Or maybe she'll win the national spelling B. As long as she doesn't turn out like this kid...whose parents, by the way, should be arrested.




That's great. Holly, gas prices have been so high lately that I'm sure that has been a sizeable increase in the amount of self-inflected fist-to-groin injuries.


Fran, Mike and I were just thinking about "punching oneself in the crotch" and burst into hysterics...


Amy - I have not! Thank God that content still exists. Aww man, those were the good old days.



I know some people who make homeschooling work well for them, but this just does the concept a disservice. ICK.


i totally agree with was the first thing i thought when i watched that. and holy crap get that kid around some other kids!


P.S. If that's not a commercial for the public school system, I don't know what is! :) No offense to all you home-schoolers out there!


Holly, I think you're right. I've only met one person with confirmed Asperger syndrome, but the resemblance is uncanny.

Kensey works with a bunch of kids with Asperger's. Care to weigh in on this, Kens?


Oh my goodness!!!! Perhaps home-schooling wasn't the best choice on this one...a little peer interaction couldn't hurt!


wow..that kid has asperger's syndrome if I've ever seen it...wait! I think I used to work with that kid! (Just kidding:-))
but seriously, I think he really does...