God bless Curtis Mayfield

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I am in a BAD mood, but I just heard a Curtis Mayfield song (Move On Up) and I couldn't resist dancing on the inside. Happy Friday (the 13th), punks!




I almost stole your "boo hiss" in my comment...it was THAT bad.

Let's just say, I handled it a lot better than say, a bad Tuesday, though.


Well, at least we're all on the same page, ladies. Boo-hiss.


Yeah, things in Charlotte not so hot, either. Started my day with a PB -n- J bagel on my lap in the car at 6:00am. Downhill from there...


We had a rotten day here, too.


Man! Must be a bad mood day. I too was in a bad mood today...do you think it's because of the 13th?

Jenny- I'll celebrate for you. Happy 30th!


Jenny! Happy birthday!! I didn't know. I am a slacker friend.

God bless Unskinny Bop indeed.

Happy birthday, girl. Whoop it up and don't take any sass from no bustas.


I, too, am in a horrendous mood. My friends here are throwing me a 30th birthday party today, but now everyone is bailing out. What the hell? Anyway, as I sit here trying to finish up work, I am cheering myself up listening to Poison's Greatest Hits. God bless Unskinny Bop.