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We had a fairly eventful weekend and we're working on some rather time-consuming home improvements this week, which equals not a lot of time to post. I do want to give a quick update, though.

Saturday we went to the first birthday party for our friend Maddie. I think Greta may have even enjoyed this party more than she enjoyed her own first birthday party. (Greta, like her Mom, may not be an enormous fan of the spotlight. Or maybe she will be. I don't want to cause any manifest destiny here or whatever. Okay, I know I used "manifest destiny" totally wrong, but I couldn't think of the right term. I'm rambling. I need to stop.)

Anyway, we all had a great time. Here's some proof.

Here is the birthday girl herself (accompanied by her lovely mom, Kimmie).

At one point, we told Greta to give Maddie a hug, which Greta looked like she might actually do (Greta can be stingy with the hugs), and there was an awkward pause and then Maddie kind of recoiled. Gotta love it.

Greta loved playing with Maddie's toys. Here she is riding a popper bike thingy.

And here she is sitting on Maddie's sweet Pooh swing.

Greta got her very own presents just for showing up. Greta: behold the beauty of the party favor!

One of her favor gifts was bubbles that smell like cotton candy!

After all of that excitement, Greta and I needed to sit down and drink some juice. Hers was apple flavored; mine was beer flavored.

Kimmie (and Greg, of course) did such a wonderful job of making things special and really kid-friendly. My favorite touch: a bowl of pre-cut weenies next to a plate of Jello Jigglers. (The food catered to adults was great too.)

And I don't mean to skim over it, but we went out to Skaneateles today to celebrate my Mom's birthday. It is well documented on video but not on film. You'll have to take my word on that. Happy birthday, Mom!

And here is one more picture for ya: Greta in her pink hoodie, camouflage pants, and, the pièce de résistance, pink high-top Chuck Taylors. What a stylish baby! She must have very stylish (and possibly very handsome) parents.

Hope everyone's 4th of July and following weekend were the cat's meow.




Thanks, Jennifer! The shirt is from Target (bought recently) and the sandals are from H&M (bought maybe 4 or 5 months ago). Happy shopping!


OKay, Fran! I love Greta's tanktop with the polka dots and sandals. Where did you get them?


Oops, I'm a little late to the game but I have to say, Katie, that Addie is adorable! Sorry to hear she's a puker. Luckily, her stomach will mature before ya know it. Riiight.

And I TOTALLY know what you mean about that time going in a flash and dragging at the same time. It's one of life's great mysteries!


Congratulations Katie and Brian! She is SO CUTE!! And I cannot believe how much hair she has...neither can Mike. We're so happy for you two and we hope parenting is treating you well:-)
Holly, Mike & Elise


Oooh, sounds juicy. I can't wait to hear it.


Hi Fran
I just wanted to say that I'm always so impressed with Greta's ourfits. I love the camo and pink chuck taylors...how cute! I've definitely been enjoying dressing Addie everyday in her girly little outfits. And she does a good job of going through at least 2-3 per day...I have a little puker on my hands. I keep trying to keep a bib on her but she always manages to spit up on the outfit too! I can't believe she's 2 months old already! These first two months have been, in some ways, the longest two months of my life and in other ways have absolutely flown by. Here's an updated picture of my little sweetie. She's smiling like crazy these days...I love it. Hope all is well with you.


O, Tara! How I miss you! I have a story to tell you too. Oh man.


Hi Fran!

How're ya holding up at LI? Miss you!


Thanks for the correction, Kimmie. : ) No worries about the lime. You handled everything tremendously well. I felt so frazzled on G's birthday. Can I tell you how jealous I am that you get to have Maddie's birthday outdoors and we need to plan an indoor birthday party every year?? Poop.

PS - Greta did not try to eat the bubbles but I did. JK. I'm guessing they're non-toxic, so hopefully Braden was okay.


one more thing...hopefully greta didn't try to eat the bubbles. sarah's son braden did.


ok, first, it's a corn popper car. :) second, i totally forgot to put the lime out, along with a ton of other things, but oh well, we all survived.

so glad you guys could make it! we may have to join you for a tuesday night dinner. maybe next week??


Okay, so it was actually Corona. But as one of the lighter beers, I think it could be considered beer-flavored juice, especially if you put lime in it. It's borderline healthy. At least it will stave off scurvy for another couple weeks.


mmmm.. beer flavored juice. Sister Barbara drank that at our graduation party in Pittsford.