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I was at a gathering this evening where a girl, who I'm going to guess was probably six years old, told me a riddle that knocked my socks off. She asked, "What did the penis say to the butt?" You're going to have to wait for the answer. If you have guesses, you can give them via the comments section.

As my second cliffhanger, I'm going to present you with a picture. If you want to find out why it looks like I'm about to coldcock this bass player, check back soon.





i'm excited to hear the endings of both these fantastic tales. i hope there is additional photographic evidence of coldcocking a bassist.


That Todd Jirousek sure does play a mean bass.....


I cannot WAIT to hear what the penis says to the butt.

#4 first glance I thought you were doing the jive.


I prefer to think it looks like you are singing into an "air microphone". Take another look my dear, you are so trying out for "making the band", white girl version.