Long, (mostly) lovely week

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Pat and I both were off work this week (and Greta was out of day care : )) so we had a chance to visit with our families, have minor surgery (well, Pat did), and eat our way through the southern tier and central New York.

Sunday afternoon, we headed down to Binghamton. En route, we stopped at my most favorite restaurant in the world, Doug's Fish Fry. Yum. I wanted to share in the experience with Greta, so I gave her some of my fish. She was not as in love with it as I was, but I won't hold it against her.

We hung out with Pat's family for a while and ate my favorite pizza, Nirchi's. Double yum. Sunday night, we headed over to the Scott household for some holiday fun. Since just about all of us have kids now, it was a pretty early evening. It was great to catch up with everyone, though.

Monday was Christmas, of course. We had a nice day with the Reeds, and Greta got lots of presents from Santa, Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Reed. Tuesday, we headed out to Skaneateles to have pseudo Christmas with the McCarthy family. Once again, Santa and Grandma and Grandpa McCarthy spoiled us all terribly. Greta got some more polo gear and two, count 'em, two velour jumpsuits (one Puma and one XOXO - holy cow!) Girl is stylin'.

Here's G.Rock in front of my parent's Christmas tree. Ooh, shiny.

Here's Greta playing with some of her new toys.

WARNING: Here comes a mighty rant of epic proportions.

Wednesday, Pat was due to have LASIK surgery at a place called [Name removed] in Syracuse. We got to the address published on their website and found that their office was being renovated and said they were at a temporary location. We had no idea where it was, so Pat called the place for directions. Come to find out, they had no record of his appointment. Awesome. As it turns out, the doctor had the afternoon off, so they couldn't see us. Um okay. So we turned around and drove the 45 minutes back to Skaneateles. I love driving an hour and a half out of the way and having to do all of the planning you have to do to have an infant away from you for part of a day. When Pat was on the phone with the receptionist, I was whisper yelling. You know, when you're yelling and whispering at the same time. I was SO MAD. This meant we had to drive back the next day and stay an extra night, since there is a mandatory follow-up the next day. Once again, so not cool with an infant. Oh, but [Name removed] gave us $150 off the procedure, which really didn't make me feel any better about things. I guess it was better than a kick in the pants.

Thursday, Pat headed back to [Name removed] for the pre-op stuff. They told him it would take half an hour. It took over three times as long. Everything checked out and he found out he's a candidate for LASIK, so he was able to have the procedure. That was supposed to take 20 minutes and it took over an hour and a half. These people are scoring some serious points with me at this point, in case you couldn't tell. Why did it take so long? Well, because the doctor messed up one of Pat's eyes. I'm sure I'll use the wrong terminology here, but the corneal flap was placed improperly, so the doctor tried to budge it into the proper place and couldn't. I won't go into the gory details, but the doctor had to basically re-do one eye and put a temporary contact on the one eye, which increases healing time and pain. FABULOUS. Did I mention that [Name removed] sucks? [Name removed] sucks.

Once we got out of there, we went to CVS to fill Patty's prescriptions. By this time, poor Pat's local pain meds were worn off and he was not feeling well at all. We finally got him home and he started feeling better by bedtime. Poor pup.

[Name removed] sucks, and they suck a lot. I would get out my thesaurus and use some different adjectives to describe them, but I think sucks is just perfect, so I'm going to stick with it.

To whom it may concern at [Name removed]: I hope you see all of the refers from our site and see what a crappy job you did, and then maybe you'll be a little more careful in the future.

Friday, stupid [Name removed] got Pat in for his follow-up appointment at 9:30, we packed up our stuff, and headed home (finally). Thank you so much for my parents and Phil and Becky for letting us stay with you and for watching the kiddo while we were running around dealing with this bullsh1t. (Excuse my language.) Can you tell I still haven't forgiven [Name removed]? Please don't go to [Name removed]. Tell your friends.


End rant.

The good news is that the vision in Pat's one eye is 20/20 now and the vision in his other eye is getting better. It should be perfect once it has time to fully heal. He has more follow-up appointments in a week and a month.

It's very good to be back home. I was nervous about being away for six days. I kept having bad feelings about things, but everything turned out fine. Cats were good and the house was good (thank you to Amy!!!).

Here's a picture Pat took of G on the drive home. Her face sums up how I felt as well. The static cling in her hair is quite cute if I do say so myself.

We're looking forward to staying in town for New Years (you couldn't possibly get me to leave town at this point). We'll be hanging out with our good friend Cimicata, who's in town for a few days. Yippee!

I've got more to say, but that rant kind of dominated things. I'll post a nicer update once my blood pressure goes back down.




I was reading your experience at [Name Removed], which I find to be rather surprising. I also had my laser surgery with [Name Removed]; I am now 20/15 in both eyes. My surgeon Dr Morason was professionalizm personified, and there follow up procedure including calls from the surgeon himself to check how I was progressing. I was not aware of any temporary center; the center I went to in Dewitt was really stunning. I made the choice to come from Manhattan for several reasons, one was the fact that they has a 400Hz Wavelight laser,(the only one in the area I could find) in reading the FDA results on lasers this had the best of all the lasers tested to date, way ahead of the Visx, or the B & L Technolas. Also the cost was significantly less than in NYC, I have recommended many of my friends to go there and that have all have a very positive experience, if you are not satisfied with something that you have paid for call them up I will be extremely surprised if they will not be willing to assist you in any way they can, even to the point of calling you back in and reviewing you procedure. I have read extensively on this procedure, and the majority of these minor surgical problems are easily corrected. Call them the will be happy to hear from you, I am sure.




Note to Lavery:

Your Yoda sentence should read like this:

"Cautious in your wishes be, young Fran."

(insert revenge of the nerds laugh)


Hopefully [Name Removed]'s "temporary location" wasn't a trailer out in their parking lot! Lasers that burn off your parts of your eye don't sound like something you should just throw in your car and move somewhere else. I guess it could have been worse, the doctor could have out-sourced the procedure to India. Glad to hear that Pat pulled through it all...what a trooper! Happy new year!


just remember that crap-ass motel in skan. that i hated so much...well then it did burn down (and i had nothing to do with it beside the evil thoughts in my head)...so mentally burning a place down might work.....be cautious in your wishes young fran. (use yoda voice for that part).
but cool about pat's eyes! yeah! i would like to never wear glasses again, that would be real nice.


Ugh...like new families have time for that drama! I am so sorry you guys had to deal with all of that. However, I am jealous of the nearly perfect vision that Silky S. Jenkins is sporting...

Happy New Year!


Is that AS putting the knock on flamingos? I can't believe that anyone wouldn't appreciate the lovely pinkness of those ornaments! So much a part of Christmas everywhere!

Glad you feel better after writing and happy Greta likes the red suit! Good!


WOW, [Name Removed] place really sucked, huh Fran? :-)
Glad everything turned out OK in the end. I agree what a waste of a trip and time!

I can tell you guys had a great Christmas, now enjoy the NEW YEAR!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR PAT, FRAN and GRETA!!! Frank


Re: Aunt Kish - I'm sure it will all be fine and worth it in the end. I'm annoyed with myself for how mad I got. I bit off all of my nails even while I was writing that rant. I feel better now having written it, at least. PS - we LOOOVE the fleecey jumpsuit you sent for Greta. We brought her to the outdoor market today in it and had no worries about her being cold! (And, it's super cute!)

Re: Becky - Thank you soooo much for the hospitality. I felt so much like we were cramping your style, but the entire time you made us feel so welcomed, if that makes any sense. We had such a nice visit, though. Oh, and that reminds me that I need to post something about Greta meeting Ray-Ray for the first time. Stinky.

Re AS - ha. I am not exactly their #1 fan. I have been mentally burning the place down for the last few days. The proof is in the puddin' though. If Patty's eyes turn out totally fine, I guess they're okay in my book. Oh, and my mom has an odd obsession with flamingos. She's funny like that. ;-)


So what do you really think of [Name Removed]? You seem kind of on the fence about them. And are those flamingos on you parent's Christmas tree? Don't tell me they are one of those.

Your baby looks adorable. Hope you have a Happy New Year.


Glad you all made it home safely. Sorry the laser surgery was such a monumental hassle, though I'm glad we could help out! Greta was a peach and the dogs made a new friend (after the initial crying and such). We, of course, always have a blast with you and Patty Pat.

Have a great New Year's!


We just hope all this trouble turns out right in the end, Pat's vision is fine and the stress was somewhat worth it. Happy to hear you had a good first Christmas with Greta and all the family! Hope the rest of the weekend is relaxing and you can get back into the normal pattern of life. We send our love and we promise we will not have Lasik in [Name Removed]!