You try telling a baby to “Fall Back”

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Despite the way my birthday started out, it ended quite well. I like to actually have an entire birthday weekend, which Pat always plays along with, and the entire weekend was very, very good. Want the skinny? Here it goes.

Friday, after work, we got Greta all fed, bathed, and sleepy, and we sent her over to Mike and Christy’s so we could go out to dinner. Pat took me to Max of Eastman Place, per my request. We had gone there for Jane and Food Mike’s wedding, and the food was amazing, so I knew it would be good. Not surprisingly, it was quite good. After dinner, we went back to Mike and Christy’s, where I busted open a nice bottle of wine I had been saving for such an occasion. We ended the night with a sleeping baby and a belly full of good wine - not a bad way to end an evening.

Saturday morning, I went to Gallery to have a massage. The massage therapist there said my back is improving, but it’s still not very good. Apparently, my back has upgraded from “horrible” to “crappy.” (My words, not hers.) In the afternoon, we sent the bean to her Great-na-na’s for a little bit while we went to Hicks & McCarthy for afternoon tea. Pat had expressed interest in going, after I came home from tea a couple times describing all of the tasty food and drink. He was the only man there, but I think he enjoyed himself. The waitress was impressed that he came without being tricked into coming.

Saturday night, we just stayed in and watched Hustle & Flow. The movie was quite good; we both really liked it. We did have a little bit of a hard time understanding some of the dialog – mostly that of the main character, Djay – so we actually watched it with subtitles on. If that’s not a testament to how white we are, I don’t know what is. I keep finding myself singing “it’s hard out here for a pimp” in my head. It’s hard, indeed.

Sunday, we woke up and went apple picking. It was pretty cold and super duper windy. I thought it may have been the worst idea ever, but I really, really had my heart set on going. We didn’t stay out long, due to the inclement weather, but Greta had the BEST TIME. Pat had her nestled in his coat, and she would bury her head in his chest to hide from the wind, and then she’d poke her head back out and smile and laugh. She loved it! Those of you would have interacted with Greta probably know that she is a little bit of a tough critic. She reserves laughing only for things she really, really enjoys. It was really great hearing her laugh, and it was great for me to see her enjoy something that I, myself, enjoy so much.

Greta, the Great Pumpkin, and me.

Greta, the Not-So-Great Pumpkin, and Pat.

Greta says "mama" for the first time. Just kidding. I would keel over if that happened.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Ellen and Taggard’s for a Halloween party that was chock full o’ kids. We were happy to have an opportunity to show off Greta’s chicken costume, and, of course, we were happy to catch up with Ellen. (I don't think we actually saw Taggard; he was buried under at least a dozen kids at all times.) We didn’t stay super long, as the time change was making Greta a little wacky. Seriously, whoever is in charge of Daylight Savings Time must not have an infant and realize what havoc it can wreak. I mean, you tell a child who is used to sleeping until 6:30 A.M. that they shouldn’t wake up at 5:30 A.M. when you “Fall Back.”

Fran the deviled egg, Greta the cutest chicken ever, and Pat "Flamingo Rider" Reed.

So, that was my birthday weekend in a nutshell. No rippers and nothing crazy, and that was just dandy with me. I had really been dreading turning 30, but it really wasn’t bad at all. Yay to that. Thanks to Pat for fulfilling my weekend requests! If you're still reading this long, boring post, then God bless ya!




Thanks! Wonderful costumes, everyone! Even though I favor flamingoes, it would be hard to pick the very cutest! Glad the weekend was swell and will try to picture Pat at the tea room. Mike went to Biddy's once with Nancy. Mom and me. I know we'll never get him there again!! Well, it would be doubtful.

Take care!